Saturday, May 16, 2015

Week 2 in the Books

Hola Everyone,


So on pdays I wake up and get ready and then study for a bit.  We get sack breakfasts with donuts choco milk and stuff like that.  Then I do laundry and email.  I hit up the gym a little bit and get some pump on and shoot some buckets.  Trying to stay in shape.  I have cut back my sugar this week because I feel like if I keep up the pace of my first week I’ll be a fat cow.  We also get to go to the temple every p day.  It’s so humbling because most the elders have only been once before the mission because their temples are far away.  It’s a great experience with all of them.  Then we have class at night.  So there’s my PDAY.  This week was amazing.  We committed our investigator, Indalezio, to baptism.  In the lessons the spirit is so strong and you receive the gift of tongues. It’s the most amazing thing ever even though it’s a fake investigator.  I can only imagine real ones.  One day we were preparing to teach Indalezio when he showed up in a suit and tie!!! Me and the elders were like what???  But he is going to be our other teacher!  He is such a cool guy and its cool how we taught him and now he gets to teach us based off the experience he got from us as an investigator.  We gained another investigator Rosi.  She speaks so softly!!! I wouldn’t be able to understand her in English let alone Spanish.  We taught her the restoration and plan of salvation this week.  She committed to read the Book of Mormon, go to church, and pray to know if what we are teaching her is true.  Every lesson is incredible.  I can’t wait for real work.  The language is coming slowly but surely.  My goal is to have 1000 words memorized before I leave the MTC.  The standard is 500 so we will see how that goes.  I broke this year’s free throw record during Gym time.  I got 47 and the previous was 41.  The all-time record is 83 so I’ll be working on it.  I'm talking trash with J wade that I'm holding the record right now haha I only boasted to him no one else.  I promise.  We were also playing volleyball this week and the ball hit my nail and snapped it back.  It was bleeding like crazy.  I’m fine now and my nail is all good but I was like Really?  In volleyball?  haha I have gotten so much out of personal study it is incredible.  My scriptures are going to be hashed by the time I’m through with my mission.  All my answers have been answered when I’ve read.  Amazing.  We've had some amazing devotionals while here.  One was that repentance is an extremely good thing but most people view it in a negative way.  We should try to repent every day and become more like Christ.  Another thing I’ve learned is that we need to lose ourselves and turn outward to serve others.  That’s what I’ve been trying to do. Think about everyone’s needs before my own.  It’s been hard at times but I’ll keep working on it.  Another great devotional was throwing away our weapons of rebellion.  Anything that could possibly not be in harmony with our father in heaven.  It got me thinking what are my weapons of rebellion and what does God want me to change.  Pretty cool.  On Sunday nights we get unlimited BYU creamery ice cream.  I ton of different flavors.  Raspberry cheesecake is my favorite so far.  I told myself I can only be a fat cow on Sunday nights haha.  I pray completely in Spanish now.  It’s way cool.  I’ll probably end up doing it for the rest of my life.  It really helps learn the language too.  I'm feeling really good!  I pray for you all every day and love and miss you so much.  Thanks so much for your emails, letters, and packages.  They boost me up.  I’m so excited for Argentina! Four more weeks!  Love you all!!!



Elder Maynard


y si los hombre vienen a mi, les mostrare su debilidad. Doy a los hombres debilidad para que sean humildes; y basta my gracia a todos los hombres que se humillan anti mi; porque si se humillan mi, y tienen fe en mi, entonces hare que las cosas debiles sean fuertes para ellos.



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