Saturday, May 23, 2015

Woah, halfway done with the MTC :O

Hola Everyone!

This week flew by!  Awesome stuff happened though. I was a host for new missionaries on Wednesday.  I was like i just got here why am I hosting.   Cool story though is I helped a sister with her luggage, and she is from Hawaii. I said "No way my Grandma is from, Laie"(sorry if i destroyed the name grandma) and the sister was like "So am I! Whats her name."  and I said "Kalama"  and she said "Thats my family!"  I said, "Holy pineapples, we are probably cousins." Way cool!!!  Anyway this week was rough with our investigator.  She rejected baptismal invitation three times.  We don't know what to do with her.  Haha just getting a taste of real missionary work, and we are still rookies.  Good stuff, rough rough rough.  And no Im not a dog.  Anyway, I had to clean bathrooms this week and saw some disgusting things.  We also have to clean it with vinegar, so we are in a chamber on the verge of death soaking in all this vinegar.  Also we had a lesson with a member this week, and he asked if I knew Syndy Lambert. I said "Si, ella es mi tia." And he said that he sang in the choir with her or something.  Thats my interpretation from the Spanish.  And i got so excited and pumped up but i froze. I didnt know how to respond all excited in Spanish haha but it was a great lesson we talked about attributes of christ.
Also we have huge snack feasts at the end of the day because of all the packages you are sending me!!! so awesome! the whole floor comes to partake of my fruits. Im the equivalent to that guy in Prison that can get people McDonalds.  Except Im in the MTC (which isn't prison but play with me here) and I got the hookups to a gas station essentially.  So awesome.  And the temple every week is great.  There is a picture of Christ in the Chapel, and I love it.  I could stare at it for hours. Amazing.  So many pictures of him in the temple and they just feel more powerful and special. I love you all and miss you all so much.  Thanks for letters, packages, and prayers:) I love them all.  I've prayed here and studied the scriptures here as i never have before.  Amazing.  The power of God flows through this MTC.  Also Ive never sang called to serve more in my life haha We sing it a lot but it is powerful. Hoorah for Israel.

Elder Maynard

We had to clean bathrooms.  Bird made me do every single toilet.  I have never seen these as disgusting as i have seen in the sister's bathrooms here

Me and a few of my packages! we have snacks almost every night as a whole floor! everyone comes in. awesome.

this dude im leaning on is seriously the funniest guy in the world. Elder Lake.  He reminds me of a bear, facial expressions just like one

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