Sunday, May 31, 2015


Hola Everyone!

 This week was amazing and it flew by! A highlight this week was that Elder Holland Came to the MTC! It was broadcasted to 6 other MTCs.  I was in the choir and we sang More Holiness Give Me.  My president told me I was on the screen a lot.  So I may be famous around the world who knows ;) Just a good thing they couldn’t hear my voice individually haha He talked how we have to convert ourselves, and that the word of God is the only offensive weapon we have and to USE IT.  Such a powerful night.  Well Yesterday I beat the THRE POINT RECORD.  It was 19 before and when I got to 18 the gym fell silent.  Everyone huddled behind me.  Clutch time!  I made 33! Now it’s time to get that free throw record higher. LET’S GO!  Also this week, I’ve been overwhelmed with food so I made a pantry out of an empty closet.  Elders from the whole floor come to partake of my fruits :) So awesome. And grandma sent me pumpkin pie! She is absolutely amazing. So we all had a big pumpkin pie feast last night.  Incredible.  This week we also pulled through on one of our tough investigators. She committed to baptism.  Spirit was absolutely amazing. If it’s this strong and brings so much happiness in a fake setting, I can only imagine the real work.  I can’t wait for Argentina!  So excited.  Also we are starting to lose our minds here in MTC.  Some elders in districts put sausages from the cafeteria under other elder’s pillows. So when they put their hand under pillow at night they felt a sausage! haha so funny.  Our chairs have wheels in classrooms so me and the comp had chair races in the hall the other day.  (I won, both times)  LET’S GO! haha They also have awesome slick railings here, you bet I slide down them every time! Pretty fun.  Don’t get me wrong we still work very hard.  Those are just some fun things that have happened this week.  We also sing hymns and recite la primera vision in the showers together hahaha Pretty funny in the morning.  Sound of music and some Disney songs may be included in this area as well.  Scriptures are awesome, I am trying to be a sponge and soak up this espanol, eating a ton of food it’s incredible, and praying more than I ever have.  Quite the experience.  I hope you all have a great week! Thanks for letters, emails, packages! I got four packages in one day this week! haha my comp said "What is this, Christmas?" haha so funny. It felt like Christmas opening all of them up! So cool. La Iglesia es verdadera. Love you all and miss you all so much. 

Elder Maynard
pumpkin pie party from grandma!!!


 It was like Christmas! 4 packages in one day! You guys, grandma, Aunt Diana, and Abbi

 We have so much stuff I just made a pantry! SOOO AWESOME


 I found the big guy! (ANDRUS)










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