Wednesday, December 30, 2015

El Año Nuevo

Wow, the weeks go by quicker and quicker.  I can´t believe Christmas has already come and gone.  I had an awesome Christmas!!! It was awesome to talk to you guys!! I love you tons!!  I hope it was a great Christmas for everyone!
This week was a blast.  We had a lot of success out here in the mission.  God is working miracles continually.  Christmas morning we were strolling in a bunch of vacant streets. No one was outside, except a homeless man we found.  He doesn’t appear like the stereotype homeless man.  He came to Santa Fe for a job, but got laid off.  On this fine Christmas day we talked to him in a park.  He was really thankful and accepted invitation to read a pamphlet on the Restoration.  The next day we met him in the Church, and went over the message of the Restoration with him.  The spirit just fills the soul with peace.  I have just felt so much peace in my mission as I have been teaching.  It`s awesome.  This man is named Marcelo, and he accepted the invitation to be baptized.  We will see if he turns into the Christmas Miracle.  I have faith that he will.
Our investigator Jonathan is progressing quickly.  This guy is awesome.  If you just saw him in the street you would think that he belongs in a gang.  But don´t judge a book by its cover! He has the sweetest three little girls and he is trying hard to be a good dad.  Awesome guy.  This week he came to church, and even came to a baptism service of another ward.  He has been really nervous to attend these meetings, but when we leave he always says that he just feels peace and that he is calm.  I am blessed to hear his humble prayers.  Probably my favorite thing in the mission is hearing people pray.  He prays for the most simple and humble things.  A great example for me.
Well I had a great week.  We are teaching people who are progressing.  It has been a blast and I am excited for the near future.  We are going to have a great new year!! Happy New Year everyone!!! Stay safe. Love you all.
Un abrazo,

Elder Maynard

 Christmas service in the hospital!!!

 only in Argentina... a dog would be dead asleep in the middle of a hospital

 Christmas conference dinner!!!!
 Pizza party to celebrate Brittney's birthday hahaha

 I ate chicken milanesa next day like Brittney asked


 Christmas eve dinner!!!

 Got jerseys for Christmas VAMOS COLON!!

and we on the rooof!!! 

 ITS CHRISTMAS!!! up on the house tops elders paws?


 i had to make Christmas pancakes

and empty Christmas streets hahaha 

 More streets!! wheres all the people?

Strollin through an empty Christmas plaza

Mele kalikimaka???

 strolling like the Beatles in Santa Fe

 My view on Christmas

 last Christmas pics.  Full moon and my tree:)

 Sunday strollin hahaha

last email!!! love you all tons!!!! Happy new year

Monday, December 21, 2015



Merry Christmas!!!!  I can´t believe it is already Christmas time! And HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my older little sister Brittney!!  Hey Britt Whitt.... You`re Awesome.  Just so everyone knows... She has a wedding date for May 2017.  hahah Love you sis!

Well I had Quite the week.  We have seen lots of progress here in Parque del Sur.  There is so much potential in lots of investigators and I am so excited.  The Lord is working miracles and preparing people to come into His fold.  With our investigator, Mariela, we had an awesome experience reading the Book of Mormon with her.  I love reading 3 Nephi 11 with investigators.  She said that she felt lots of peace and joy as we read.  She said she didn´t understand very well but we told her to just focus on her feelings to start.  We are the preachers and the Spirit is the teacher, and the feelings are what counts.  She is so humble and willing to learn more about the gospel. 

We had an awesome time with our investigator Johnathan this week.  We taught him about the Book of Mormon and Joseph Smith.  At the end of the lesson we invited him to kneel down and ask God if these things are true.  He said maybe the best prayer I have ever heard in my mission- ``Heavenly Father, Please tell me if these things and the Book of Mormon are true. In the name of Jesus Christ. Amen``  We then stayed kneeling in silence for about 5 min. as Johnathan just stayed still, looking at the ground.  I know he got his answer. IT WAS AWESOME!!  We then went and picked him up for church Sunday morning, and after church he told us he either felt really cold or really hot during Church.  Spirit works in marvelous ways.  For me it sends chills down my spine.  The gospel is awesome. 

Well everyone! Have a very merry Christmas!!! I am so thankful for my Savior and that He came down to Earth to take upon my sins and the sins of the world.  He is Generous, Life, Light, Prince of Peace, Redeemer, and Savior.  He is the Christ!  I love you tons family! Talk to Friday!!!!

Con amor,

Elder Maynard

 manger cut out for the ward activity.  I cut out the sheep :)

We were the roman soldiers for the Christmas party hahaha
4 investigators came!!!!

One elder that was living with us is going home with knee problems. vamos brasil.

and share a coke with elder Maynard 

I like trees and early sunday morning walks in ARGENTINA

and probably the ugliest dog I've ever seen

VAMOS COLÒN!!  The team of THE CITY  Santa Fe. VAMOS
and I bought the kid facturas

Tuesday, December 15, 2015

11 Days til Christmas:O

Hola mis amados!

This week was awesome! We have been talking to a ton of people in the street and finding lots of new people to teach!  Like I said last week you just have to open your mouth and it will be filled!  Last week we contacted a man named Jonathon.  I saw him sitting on a street corner under a tree, and thought came to my mind to spark some conversation with him. He showed us where he lives and we set an appointment with him.  Since then we have had 3 lessons with him.  This guy is humble.  He is raising three little girls all by himself.  He is going through some hard times.  The gospel will help him so much.  We invited him to read the introduction to the Book of Mormon and he kept reading til page 7.  Doesn't sound like much but it is the best I have seen in an investigator yet!  He accepted a baptism date for January so we are excited for him.  His challenge will be going to church.  He feels really nervous when he leaves his neighborhood and the church is on the other side of town.  But we will overcome!  God always helps us and prepares a way for us.  His daughters are a big help.  They all want to come to church! haha Ellas son capitas.  The oldest daughter reminds me a ton of Jessica.  She sits there and copies me while we are teaching haha. She copies my hand motions and everything.  I love how Christ tells us to be like Little children.  They are just fun loving and enjoy life.  And all the kids of investigators always want to come to church!  Coincidence? I think not! 

Cool story for the week: It was raining and the rain is like the plague here in Argentina haha No one leaves their house and everyone seeks shelter.  And then there are the missionaries swimming in the street haha. We were passing by a hospital, and being a public place, there were a lot of people.  But how the rain is like the plague, they were all huddled up in the doorway seeking shelter.  Directly in front of doorway, there was a man having trouble with his car.  His battery was dead and he was trying to push his car by himself to start it up.  All of these people were just watching him.  I couldn`t believe it.  Normally when we offer help to people we receive a quick response of ``No.``  But this guy said ``La verdad que sì.``  We pushed the car and it started up in 5 seconds and the man drove away with a thumbs up.  We then walked past the group of people standing in doorway and there were a few glowing smiles from the people who saw.  I smiled back and we kept walking. 

I don`t want any sort of praise or bragging for this story but I thought it was cool, and it came to my mind to share with you all.  Main thing that I like the most is that all the people watching now know that those strange kids in ties are here to help.  Maybe one day they will answer a knock on their door and accept the missionaries.  Then they can learn about and accept the eternal help of our Savior Jesus Christ.  I don`t know, that`s what I like to think.  Got to believe and hope for the best, because the Lord works in mysterious ways.

Have a great week! Love you all tons!  Happy holidays!!!

Un abrazo,

Elder Maynard

We had a pizza party one night!! and then the next night... guess what? we ordered pizza again hahaha
Only pics for the week.  I didnt realize I haven't taken any at all of my area or nada.  I`ll get some pics for you and send them next week. 

Monday, December 7, 2015

Parque Del Sur

Hola Todos!


Big News!! My new comp is Elder De La Rosa and he is from the Dominican Republic! Yes, I have already talked to him about Sammy Sosa. GO CUBS!!! But Elder De La Rosa is a stud.  He is almost 21 so he is very mature.  He came to the mission WAY PREPARED! I am way excited that he is my comp.  He is a good guy, he´s going to help me out even more with my Spanish!

Well, I am finally out of Esperanza. My birthplace here in Argentina has already come to a close.  Parque del Sur is awesome.  I like the city feel.  There are always tons of people in the streets.  Which is perfect for missionaries!  Presidente Perez, our mission president, has been focusing on having faith!  The Scripture in D&C 33 that if we open our mouths, they will be filled.  What a great promise!  So I have been trying to exercise my faith and talk to EVERYONE!  It´s been funny because many people in the streets here think that I am from Brasil. hahaha But the promise from our Heavenly Father is so true. It is really awkward to begin to talk to people.  I don´t know what to say or how to speak very good haha But it is amazing how ideas and words come to your head to share the gospel.  We have been dropped here in Parque del Sur with no investigators and no direction, but we have already found great success in these few short days from opening our mouths.  God is good!  And He ALWAYS prepares the way and ALWAYS fulfills his promises.  We already have 6 or 7 appointments set up from just talking to everyone in the street.  We shouldn´t doubt or have fear, because the Lord is with us.  Open your mouth, and it will be filled!!!

I am so grateful for the mission.  I am excited for the adventure ahead of me and all the new things that I am going to learn.  I am grateful that the Savior is by my side and the Heavenly Father continues to bless me abundantly.  I love you all! Have a great week.

Con amor,

Elder Maynard

 Saying goodbye to some people in esperanza. our friend who fixed our bikes all the time and Rogelio a MA

Last pic with RODOLFO!!!! I love the guy
 and Lucas a stud who we taught English

Last Sunday morning in esperanza. they are the best

 and the best mustache in town Hermano Telmo Vera
 Jessica and sebastians awesome little girls
 and jes and Seb


 and stud mish leader Hermano Jordan

All the missionaries of Esperanza that are leaving. Team Esperanza!!

 and stud MA who has overcome lots of challenges and is back on right track
 La Familia SPies.  He is Branch President

Hermano NIz! Capo

 and Flia Varela they got sealed in temple during my time here!!!
 I cant tell you how much I love all these people. THeyve been my family here in argentina

 Our two stud investigator families that we have been teaching the last few weeks

 Last lunch with Flia spies and their humble home. Im gonna miss it

 last pic with flia acost!!!

 and romantic murals in esperanza hahahah
 Last ice cream in esperanza
 and last pic with plaza!!
 cChristmas in esperanza.... nah ya fue

 NIcholas and Jes y Seb.  Investigators I have loved and they all have been so close to baptism.  Just not there time yet.  Love these guys

 I overcame the bike

 Last night party with elder clayton
 and then all the ice cream we´ve eaten together hahaha
 Saying goodbye to my apartment for last 6 months
 and hello to elder De la ROsa!!
 All new trainers and newbies

 Elder Clayton and I with our new kids haha

 Elder Maynard  is ready for Christmas!!!!