Wednesday, December 30, 2015

El Año Nuevo

Wow, the weeks go by quicker and quicker.  I can´t believe Christmas has already come and gone.  I had an awesome Christmas!!! It was awesome to talk to you guys!! I love you tons!!  I hope it was a great Christmas for everyone!
This week was a blast.  We had a lot of success out here in the mission.  God is working miracles continually.  Christmas morning we were strolling in a bunch of vacant streets. No one was outside, except a homeless man we found.  He doesn’t appear like the stereotype homeless man.  He came to Santa Fe for a job, but got laid off.  On this fine Christmas day we talked to him in a park.  He was really thankful and accepted invitation to read a pamphlet on the Restoration.  The next day we met him in the Church, and went over the message of the Restoration with him.  The spirit just fills the soul with peace.  I have just felt so much peace in my mission as I have been teaching.  It`s awesome.  This man is named Marcelo, and he accepted the invitation to be baptized.  We will see if he turns into the Christmas Miracle.  I have faith that he will.
Our investigator Jonathan is progressing quickly.  This guy is awesome.  If you just saw him in the street you would think that he belongs in a gang.  But don´t judge a book by its cover! He has the sweetest three little girls and he is trying hard to be a good dad.  Awesome guy.  This week he came to church, and even came to a baptism service of another ward.  He has been really nervous to attend these meetings, but when we leave he always says that he just feels peace and that he is calm.  I am blessed to hear his humble prayers.  Probably my favorite thing in the mission is hearing people pray.  He prays for the most simple and humble things.  A great example for me.
Well I had a great week.  We are teaching people who are progressing.  It has been a blast and I am excited for the near future.  We are going to have a great new year!! Happy New Year everyone!!! Stay safe. Love you all.
Un abrazo,

Elder Maynard

 Christmas service in the hospital!!!

 only in Argentina... a dog would be dead asleep in the middle of a hospital

 Christmas conference dinner!!!!
 Pizza party to celebrate Brittney's birthday hahaha

 I ate chicken milanesa next day like Brittney asked


 Christmas eve dinner!!!

 Got jerseys for Christmas VAMOS COLON!!

and we on the rooof!!! 

 ITS CHRISTMAS!!! up on the house tops elders paws?


 i had to make Christmas pancakes

and empty Christmas streets hahaha 

 More streets!! wheres all the people?

Strollin through an empty Christmas plaza

Mele kalikimaka???

 strolling like the Beatles in Santa Fe

 My view on Christmas

 last Christmas pics.  Full moon and my tree:)

 Sunday strollin hahaha

last email!!! love you all tons!!!! Happy new year

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