Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Vamos a La Cuidad

Hola Personas Hermosas,

Well the time has come. Elder Maynard is leaving Esperanza.  I am going to the city!  My new area is called Parque Del Sur and a big soccer Stadium is there.  I´m about to experience Argentina soccer fanaticism haha I don´t know who my new companion is yet.  I will meet him tomorrow so you all will have to wait til next week to find out! 

This past week was awesome.  Through lots of hard work we have found 2 new investigators! One is a family of three. Parents and a 14 year old son.  THEY ARE AWESOME!  They have completed every single commitment we have left.  Every one.  The 14 kid has asked us questions how he can help share gospel with his friends and step sister. Que Capo que es! He is going to be a missionary one day, I know it.  They committed to come to church next week but Elder Maynard and Elder Clayton won´t be here.  It was a tender mercy from the Lord to be able to meet them and to teach them.  Through hard work the Lord blesses us!  Another Investigator named Palomeque came to church this week. It was so awesome!  She is the señora of a less active.  She said she loved church, she loves the Book of Mormon, and she wants to keep on coming.  What do you all think? A future baptism? YES!  It´s just amazing how we have continued to work hard and the Lord has blessed us in our last few weeks here.  Miracles come after the trial of faith.  It was such a blessing to meet these new people and see the progress in them before I go.
Well Everyone, I cannot explain to you how much I love Esperanza.  5 and a half months here went by real fast.  I learned so much.  So much.  I learned that I am nothing. The Lord is all powerful and I have to depend on him.  I learned that missionary work isn´t easy, but the results and the joy that come from it are beyond measure.  I learned to love a lot of people!  I have come to love the 2 comps that I have had here.  I LOVE the members.  Some of the most humble, generous, and loving people I have ever met.  I have come to know more about my Savior.  I have found strength in Him.  I have found peace in Him.  I have found the power of His atoning Sacrifice.  I have found ESPERANZA in Christ.  Esperanza, te quiero mucho.  I am going to miss it, but I am excited for the many more adventures ahead.

Happy birthday to my super hero of a mom this week!  Everyone give her extra love for me.  42 never looked so good:) Love you mom!!!!!  Have a good week everyone!

Con mucho Amor,

Elder Maynard


 ELder Maynard loves blue skies and pepsi
Esperanza streets... you can't get any better
and called Pringles hahaha
 We visited the cemetery oooooooooo
 The legendary dog.... TRIPOD
Elder Maynard Likes ice cream and its a miracle he has only gained three pounds in his whole mission up until now.
and the very first panaderia I ever went to. FACTURAS!!!
Dog in the bank. only in Argentina hhahahaç

and last district meeting!!

Crazy familia hang that I love hahah

 Elder Maynard working on his soccer game

There are busts all over the city haha
La familia Acosta!! They are awesome
and another park where I got my workout on in the mornings

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