Monday, November 23, 2015

Feliz Día de Gracias

Hola Familia!!!!

This week was awesome!!! Just like every week haha.  Some news before I forget, I won`t be writing until next Tuesday because we have transfers this week.  We will see if I am still in Esperanza or not! haha So that will be exciting!

This week we had quite a bit of success.  We have visited a lot of new people!  We will see if they turn into investigators.  This week Elder Clayton and I have really pushed to encourage people to pray.  Lots of people don`t like to pray.  I have been thinking and I have come up with some reasons why people don´t. 1. The adversary is constantly attacking people so that they don`t want to pray, obviously.  2. People think it´s weird.  If they don´t have faith in God, I can see why praying would be weird.  But big news for all the unbelievers out there. GOD LIVES!  3.  People are afraid of the answer they will receive.  And that is why the prophets in the Scriptures constantly say that we have to pray with real intent.  With real intent, faith, and humility to pray, we can receive personal revelation!  So we just have to overcome all of these obstacles and pray!  We talked with a ton of people this week and persisted until they prayed.  I cannot explain how humbling it is to hear people pray for the first time.  It is probably my favorite thing in the mission.  The thanks they give to God for the simplest things is a great example for me. I try to give thanks every night for the little things from the day.  And HAPPY THANKSGIVING EVERYONE!  May we all take a little time to personally pray to Heavenly Father on Thanksgiving, offering nothing but our gratitude! This is my challenge for all of you this week!  I know that prayer changes lives, because it has changed my life.  Through prayer I have come to know that this church is true.  Through prayer I have been moved to serve a mission.  Through Prayer I have been moved to repent, and receive forgiveness from my almighty God.  Though prayer I feel my Heavenly Father´s comfort and love.  Have a great week everyone!! Love you all! Happy Thanksgiving.

Un abrazo,

Elder Maynard

We made pancakes as a district!!!
 I make it rain BUCKETS!

Took a trip to Rosario this week to do tramites!!!

 and me solving big rubicks cube! haha
 Dudes in Rosario mission home.  Me from Herriman, state champs baby!!!! and then kid from Bingham and Kid from Riverton

 mission home in rosario! i have been to this mission home twice and have never been to mission home in santa fe hahahaha
 This is where we ate lunch in rosario hahahaha Little peruvian hole in wall. Awesome

First watermelon in argentina was delish!

 Sunday morning esperanza streets! amazing
 Plaza with Elder maynard... the dog whispereer hahaha

 lunch with some members!!! pizza and milaneza
 Un grande y abominable iglesia, but it reminds me of clock tower from peter pan so I snapped a pic hahaha

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