Wednesday, November 4, 2015


Mis Amados,

HAPPY HALLOWEEN!!! I hope it was great for yáll. Here in Argentina nobody did anything.  Pobrecitos they don´t know the glory of free candy. haha But Elder Clayton and I made some Coke Floats with Vanilla Ice cream so yes I celebrated.  My mother raised me to celebrate Halloween so it had to be done.  I also carved a ´´pumpkin´´ out of an orange haha so there´s that. Happy Halloween!

We keep on working here in Esperanza!!  Our investigator David is slowly stopping to smoke. Only had 3 cigarettes this week.  He is not quite ready for baptism yet so we moved his baptism back to the 27 of November. But the highlight of the week was testimony meeting yesterday in church.  Our branch here in Esperanza all went to the Buenos Aires Temple on Friday.  It was so amazing to hear their testimonies of the temple.  The Spirit of God like a fire was burning in my soul!  I know that the Temple is the house of the Lord.  I miss the temple so much.  All of you Utahans take advantage and go to the temple this week! 

Missionary work is awesome.  It has changed my life and I still have tons of work and time to go.  It has made my love for my family grow, it has turned some of my weaknesses into strengths, it has shown me who I am and who I want to become, and it has drawn me closer to my savior.  I am so grateful for my calling and the opportunity to serve in Argentina.

Well I love you all and hope that you all have a great week. Un abrazo fuerte.

Con amor,

Elder Maynard

 I call the first pic bike man plaza warrior.

 and ice cream is a recent reoccurring theme. :O

Late night full moon buckets.... mi Corazon
 I went to Santa Fe for tramites this week. that's where I played ball and the office elders ordered us pizza.  Yeah it was a good time
 I had divisions this week with zone leader Elder Miller.  He is Californian.  Man Californians are cool missionaries. 
 CHocolate banana peanut butter shakes
 yeah we ordered three tubs of ice cream during the week.
 and guess what? then we did it again for Halloween hahahaha

ok I HAD to dress up for Halloween. haha or else my mother would be mad at me hahaah
we present.... Elder Maynard.... The crocodile hunter.... and Elder Clayton..... The crocodile

 the croc hunter has his prey.....

 and yesterday was elder claytons birthday!! so i made him chocolate pancakes with peanut butter and coconut pancakes with dulce de leche... CELESTIAL

 Kids from the branch haha they always steal our helmets and think its hilarious haha


we have our missionary coordination meetings at hno jordans house and I pet his dog to sleep every time hahaha my fav dog in esperanza-.

 and tell Luke that I was iron man for Halloween too. but for real hahaah

And I got more pics of the haunted mansion of Esperanza the day after Halloween so it was safe haha

 I tried to snatch some nighttime pics in the plaza.  the plaza might be one of my favorite places on earth

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