Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Vamos por la Victoria

Last week was one of the longest, fastest, most rewarding, spiritual, growing, fun weeks of my mission.  Does that make any sense?  Wow, it was awesome.  I will see if I can put it into words, here we go...
First things first, I got transferred.  I am no longer in the beloved city of Santa Fe.  I am in the province of Entre Rios in a little City named Victoria.  It is at the bottom of our mission.  About 3 hours away from Santa Fe and 30 minutes from Rosario.  There is a great change here. There are hills!! Man, Santa Fe is just so flat it hurts a Utah boy to the Core, but Hills here in Victoria should give me a boost for the next 15 months.  There is a ton of work here in Victoria.  The church almost died and the whole city is basically less active.  My new companion is Elder Gonzalez from Mexico. He has a year and a half in the mission.  A really humble guy.  I am excited for this transfer.  We will be working hard here.
I also left a piece of my heart back there in Santa Fe.  I grew a lot there. This past Saturday our big friend Leonardo Ibalo got baptized!  The spirit was incredible.  We were standing outside the font with Leonardo, just before he entered the water, and he said that there was a fire in his soul, a warmth covering his whole body.  As I watched him be completely submerged in the water, the spirit came over me.  The Comforter just gave me a big hug.  I was filled with so much peace and happiness.  One of the best experiences of my life.  I love this guy so much.  He is a champion.  He just wants to follow Christ.  
I love Parque del Sur.  I learned that by a little bit of faith, great things come to pass.  I saw miracles from our Heavenly Father.  I felt His love for me and I felt His love for others. I said I would try to put it into words, but I can´t. Just incredible experiences. I am so grateful for the mission.  Continues to change my life.  I have had two great chapters in Esperanza and Parque del Sur.  I can´t wait to see what Victoria has to offer.  I know that God lives.  I know that He holds all things in His hands. He has all power and all mercy.  I am forever grateful to Him.
Know that I love every single one of you! Thanks for you love and support! Have a great week!

Con amor,
Elder Maynard

 Saying goodbye to the main man Elder Miller.

 STUD Zone leader for a lot of my mission

 Some brownies I made for some members and stuff

 Saying goodbye to my old friend pedro!  He will get baptized in spirit world for sure

 Nothing is better than cleaning a baptismal font

 Saying goodbye to my main man Jonathan and fam

 LETS GO!!!!

 Saying bye to hermano ruiz diaz.  Cool guy in ward

 The champ got baptized

 I love this guy so much

 Celebrating baptism with the boy Elder Clement and one kilo of ice cream each.  
 The mission builds men

 Last time walking to church with Jonathan y daughter Dalilia

 Jonathan looking like a balla with my USA shorts!!

 Herman Nuñez 

Hermano Temporelli

 Consejo de barrio

 Parque del Sur

 Last day with the boys!

 Familia MOntenegro

 POwer got cut out in Santa Fe so Leo y his friend made us a candlelit dinner hahaha

 And the neighborhood kids!!! Awesome guys! haha

 Elder Rocky?

Good bye to LEonardo 

 Last night in Parque del Sur.

 Last pic with the kid.  HE is taking my place in Parque del sur as District Leader and Trainer. What a stud!
Elder Gonzalez

 First and only pics in victoria haha 

Wednesday, February 17, 2016


Hola todos!

Argentina is great.  Just thought I would let you all know.  There is a downside with the humidity but the food and the people make up for that real quick.  If anybody needs a vacation, consider Santa Fe, you won`t regret it.  There are lots of dirt roads, garbage just thrown everywhere, and all assortments of dogs, cats, chickens, bats, and toads in the street.  It is a great experience.  If you stay up late, you can experience the night bug life, and if you`re not careful you can get eaten alive.  Just a flat out adventure.  You`ll see crazy things every day, and the nightly sunset is a spectacular show.  Best Mission in the world.
We have some great news, Leonardo is going to get baptized this Saturday!  The guy is a spiritual giant.  I have never seen anyone who has enjoyed church as much as him.  It kind of makes me feel guilty.  I ask myself ``Why don`t I enjoy church this much?`` haha The guy just like hops through the halls smiling haha I love the man.  He is a sponge, just soaks up the gospel when we teach him.  It`s a blast. I will let you all know how the baptism goes next week!
We had a really cool experience with Jonathan this past week.  We have almost finished up teaching him all the lessons again.  He is progressing a lot! Normally I have to point at the words in the Hymn Book for him but lately he has been doing it by himself, and he said his first prayer in church this past Sunday!  Just cool little steps like that are fun to see.  But his 3 year old daughter, Luna, has a huge rash all over her face and won`t stop scratching it. Jonathan is really worried and things that he has tried aren`t working.  he doesn`t know what to do to make it better.  We gave a blessing to his sweet little daughter and the spirit was just powerful.  Jonathan sheared a few tears of joy as he smiled at his daughter.  I knew that everything would be okay.  Jonathan has faith, and all we need in this life is a little bit of faith.  I love Alma 32:27. it says we just need to exercise a little bit of faith, just a little bit.  Faith is the key to everything.  That`s why Jonathan got baptized and is progressing.  He has just been having faith.
I love you all tons! Have a great week!

Un abrazo,
Elder Maynard

 PDAY especial!!! We played games and stuff. I believe my team won the majority of the time just a thought for yall

Celebrating Jessica's and Sara`s birthdays!!!

 The team riding out to rosario

I wanted to steal this licence plate

 Its a tradition in the mission to go to this peruvian restaurant when we go to rosario.

 Empenadas and Ice cream?  Thats what I`m talking about!

 A pulpit and a flag gets me pumped up to go to war and preach the gospel.  Can leave a 19 year olds in the chapel alone with a spear


Cookie dulce de leche mcflurry? Elder Maynard is buying that

 I am slowly and slowly getting better at soccer.  Of course I am not playing with latinos though haha

 Got that valentine pic in haha Happy Valentines Day!!!

Sippin some juice with the Bros