Thursday, February 11, 2016


Wow we had a great week out here!  First, we continued to help a family who is remodeling their back yard.  We spent 6 hours and wheel barrowed 2 big truckloads of dirt for them.  There is no way that they could do this work by themselves.  We have been sharing the book of Mormon with them and the mom of the family, Maria, has been reading!  She has even prayed to know if it is true!  She hasn't gotten an answer yet but she is going to keep on reading and praying.  Her answer will come.  They are really nice people.  It has been fun to help them out and share the gospel with them.  We are going to help them out again this week and teach them some more.  I will let you all know how it goes.  
The Lord has been working miracles this week with our investigator named Leonardo.  This guy is so awesome!  He came to an Elders Quorum activity this week where we showed him the chapel.  He sat in there for a while and then he put his arms on our shoulders and said ``I feel good.  I have peace.  Thanks Brothers. `` Guy is just a stud.  We ate Choripan at the activity, which is like a sausage sandwich. It was a great time.  The following Sunday, Leonardo was just so excited to come to church.  During the whole Sacrament meeting... the WHOLE sacrament meeting, Leonardo just sobbed.  Sobbed and sobbed.  It was amazing.  The testimony meeting was so powerful.  There was a peace and tranquility that just filled my soul.  I began to think why this grown man was just sobbing like a child, and I began to think of one of my favorite scriptures.  3 Nefi 11:19.  Where Nephi kisses the feet of the Savior.  I have thought that when I see my Savior, I will probably cry like a baby and kiss his feet.   This is what I thought about with Leonardo.  He had found his Savior and couldn't hold back his emotions.  He told me that he saw a white light during the Sacrament, his chest was filled with fire, and he couldn't hold back.  He thinks it was the Holy Ghost.  He is excited for his baptism date the 21 of February.
I am so thankful to be a missionary.  I see the miracles of God every day. I testify that He lives and that the gospel is true. Love you all, have a great week.
Happy Birthday to my Beautiful 2 little sisters this week!  Love you Sara and Jessica!!!  I am sending big brother hugs your way!  Miss you tons and have a great birthday!

Con cariño,

Elder Maynard
 The soccer stadium of the enemy.... Union tomàtela

 CHillin in the offices after playing soccer.  Im terrible.  
But i got a few jumpshots in too and the mid range game is still nice.

 Lunch with awesome family montenegro!

Burgers with Eggs. I ate three


ay yall luts muv sum dirt

 Woah man.. thats a lot of dirt we just moved right there

 After moving dirt... lets eat some homemade pizza

 And walking around with normal clothes in the street for 2 minutes and everyone still knows we are the mormons.  Lots of excited comments that people saw us in normal clothes hahah

 Alfahores are irresistible

 Getting that morning jog on and stopping to take fotos because i want to show my family

 We had an activity with elders quorem and lenardo came!! We ate choripan which is heavenly and Leonardo had a great time!
 God paints a picture every night and then sends it over the skies of argentina

 Empanadas me pueden casar

 I have an argentine tree fetish

 and dogs just sleep wherever they want.  Even in the LDS church


Even leonardo got that selfie game in ahhahahaha

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