Monday, November 16, 2015



How`s everyone doing?!  I feel like this past week flew by, just like they normally do.  Well the work continues here in the mission field.  I walk these streets constantly asking myself ´´Where are the chosen people?´´ We have to find those chosen people who are ready to hear the good news, the Restored Gospel of Jesus Christ.  And I`ll tell you what, it ain´t easy. hahaha And if it was easy then the mission would be no fun.  It`s fun to overcome challenges and try to find new ways to meet people and to teach them.  The mission is an adventure, that`s for sure.  And like most adventures, it´s a blast.  I often think that it is a little crazy what we do.  We talk to complete strangers and sometimes we convince them to let us enter their house.  It´s awesome.  I can`t describe it.  Serve a mission and you will know what I am talking about.  It`s such a good feeling to share gospel with people.  We are all children of God and He loves us.  My love grows for my fellow brothers and sisters as I share my testimony, so I invite you all to share your testimony this week! 

Well, this week we have one new investigator!!! Whoooo!!  We have been searching for less active members a lot lately that have incomplete families, and that`s what we have found!  Probably the most Humble guy in the world, Hermano Martinez and his non member Señora Hna Palomeque.  We had two lessons with them this week.  We reintroduced the Book of Mormon to them and read 3 Nephi 11 together.  Wow, they were two great lessons.  Both of them just smile the whole time and it makes me happy! haha They both told us that they feel really good when we visit them, and I told them ´´I feel good too!´´´haha It is amazing how the spirit of the Lord testifies of the Book of Mormon.  I know without a doubt that it is true.  In the last few weeks I have begun to read from the beginning once again.  I absolutely love the story of Nephi.  This guy is a man of faith!  Great example for me. 

Well I love you all! Thanks for all your letters and prayers for me.  I have felt your love for me today!!  Thanks for lifting me up, everyone!! And thank you grandparents, I continue to get all of your letters!! They are great!  And happy birthday to Grandpa Maynard this week!

Love you all!!!

Elder Maynard

Gettin pics in with some murals haha

 and no one does the david face, like david does the david face hahahahahaa
roasted chicken with chimmichurri..... mouthwatering
 and elder maynard with the esperanza city hall 
Lunch with ward mision leader? I aint even mad
Elder Maynard in the plaza? we have ourselves a happy camper hahaha


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