Sunday, June 7, 2015

23 more to go :)

This week was fast, yet again.  On Tuesday night we were able to hear from Elder Christofferson.  Pretty cool, he told us some frequently asked questions Missionaries have in the field and then answered them.  One cool thing is to always keep eye on fruits of labors.  If you don't like your results, you have to change.  Also yesterday we got to watch Elder Perry's funeral.  I like how all the speakers touched on that Elder Perry is already working hard in the next life.  Cool to think about.  This week we also got a new investigator. He is a cool, big guy from Houston.  We read 3 Nephi 11 when Christ comes down to the Nephites.  He thought it was awesome. Really cool spiritual experience.  We also started teaching each other within the district.  So I am and Investigator and it is interesting to think and feel from their standpoint.  We also got to skype a member from Argentina! Really cool! I couldn't stop smiling the whole time I felt like the Biggest goof.  Her name was Estela from Buenos Aires and we shared with her Alma 8: 23-24 I think. Can't exactly remember. But way cool.  This week we also got two new districts for our zone, so our sacrament meetings won't be just us 8 elders haha  But one of the new districts left their door to their residence open all day haha We may have sprinkled some of Grandpa's tootsie rolls all over their beds, we may have hid their pillows, and we may have put a fire extinguisher in the middle of their room.  I can neither confirm nor deny any of those things.  Haha Some of the elders were looking for their pillows in the bathroom haha We just might have only put them under their beds. Pretty funny.  Good lesson for them though. They won't leave their doors open anymore.  We are just trying to help them out for the future.  I started to read Jesus the Christ this week.  That book is powerful.  It's ginormous, hopefully I'll finish it on my mission.  I also got a lot out of Alma 26 this week.  Ammon is a stud.  Got me pumped up for the field.  No greater joy than missionary work! His JOY WAS FULL!  Awesome.  For Elder Luckart's birthday we surprised him with the cake! And there were plates with it, and some frosting got on the side of the whole stack of plates. And Luckart licked it off.  Licked every single plate.  We were like ok, now we dont have plates hahaha.  It worked out fine though.  Thanks for sending that mom!  Thanks for all the letters and packages, LOVE IT.  Can't believe Britt will be home in 11 days or so, CRAZY.  That will be a fun time.  Not sure if I'll get to see her. Get to BA at 9:11 and dad said she gets there at 11:30 or so.  I'm scared to death because both my grandpas are going through the emergency rooms!  Hope you both get better! Also send my love to Aunt Sally! I pray for all of you everyday! and thank you for your prayers. Love you all and miss you so much.  Have a great week!


Elder Maynard
 Elder Luckart's cake!

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