Monday, June 15, 2015


Last week in the MTC went by quick! On Tuesday we always guess who the general authority speaker will be that night.  I took a wild guess with the General Relief Society President, and yep she showed up.  Can't remember anything she said sadly... Haha but her Husband said we put on huge suit coats when we were set apart, and now we have to fill them!  Excited to do that.  This week the new elders left their doors open... again.  Didn't learn their lesson, so we may or may not have put marshmellows all over their room. haha But then my room was sabotaged.... They put tape in our door so it wouldn't lock, then snuck in and stacked all of our mattresses.  I thought it was pretty funny haha We all agreed no more pranks.  This week I have been in pre-game mode, instead of listening to the Eye of the TIger, I've been listening to spiritual messages.  I'm so pumped up for the field!! We watched a video called Missionary Work and the Atonement. (I think that's the title) It is incredible!  My whole body was on fire.  Complete chills from the spirit.  So excited to have my captain be Jesus Christ in the mission field and to walk shoulder to shoulder with him. PODEROSO.  We had our last class with our teachers this week.  These guys are incredible.  Spiritual giants.  They have made me want to become a better person and have absolutely made me stoked for Argentina. I couldn't thank them enough.  Crazy to think the 6 weeks is coming to an end.  Yesterday we had in field orientation. They gave us a pass along card to hand out at the airport.  And so the missionary work begins. dun dun dun.  Last night was a FIESTA!!! Thanks for the whoopees mom and dad! oh my goodness they are great to the taste and very desirable. WOOO! and Grandma sent another batch of pies!  She is absolutely one of the most amazing women I know.  I enjoy sharing the love of my grandma with other Elders.  The pie was delicious as always!  The MTC has been an incredible experience.  I learned how to study and receive personal revelation.  That's been a great blessing for me.  I have learned how to deal and communicate with others, how to have patience, how to think about others more than myself, and have gained a greater love and appreciation for my amazing family back home.  Thanks MTC, it's been fun.  Well I love you all so much and miss you tons!  Have a great week.  My next email will be from Argentina.  Hoorah.

Elder David Maynard

P.S. Give my stud (in a womanly way) of a sister a huge hug for me.  Never told her I loved her enough growing up.  But Britt, I LOVE YOU.  Take care of the fam for me.  WELCOME HOME. Well done.

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