Monday, June 22, 2015

ARGENTINA :) (Happy Father's Day)

Happy Father´s day dad! Love you so much and thanks for everything you have taught me!  Sending my love from the promised land!  I am in Esperanza Santa Fe!  So I will be in the Santa Fe Mission!  My companion is Elder Fillerup. He is a stud! He is in his last transfer and it is his first time training! He is also from California! Argentina is amazing:)  There are so many dogs like everyone said so I just laugh haha I'll tell you what I do not know a lick of spanish haha No clue what the people are saying.  So I just smile and wave boys, smile and wave haha  The city is so amazing.  WE have bikes!!! I'm so happy I feel like a little kid while riding around the city:) It is beautiful. There are lots of statues everywhere which is really pretty.  There is a lot of work to be done here and Im so excited! MY companion and I have a blast.  The flight here was so long and brutal but I made it.  I gave a pass along card to the person I sat next too! Caching.  I've eaten alfahores and fracturas and they are absolutely delicious. I want more and more and more.  There are dogs everywhere! I have only been chased on my bike once though! haha and we were in an old investigators house and a cat snuck up in between my legs and licked my hand.  I almost had a disaster in my pants.  Scared to death.  I have also discovered the incredible invention of the Biday. (I dont know how to spell it) but it has forever changed my life.  I ran out of time today so I am sorry. But I absolutely love it here! It's incredible! Miracle of the week: My first morning, snot was just pouring out of my nose and I was having other sick issues.  But when we walked out the door to work,  it all completely went away! GOD IS GOOD.  Haven't been sick since.  I know the church is true and my testimony grows everyday! The mission is incredible! Love you all so much have a great week!

Elder Maynard


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