Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Jonathan Se Bautizò!

Buenas Tardes!
Transfers are this week and we have some big news!  Elder De La Rosa is ending his training early and he is going to be a trainer!  Which means I am a grandpa haha I am staying in Parque del Sur and I am going to be training again too, so I will let you all know my new companion next week!
This past week was awesome!!!  Jonathan got baptized!  I asked him how he felt when he came out of the water and he said ``I felt Peace. `` I love this guy.  To this day, I still haven`t seen him smile, but I can tell that he was happy on his baptism day.  He had a glow in his face.  He got baptized on Sunday so the confirmation for him will be this next Sunday.  
This week we read Joseph Smith History.  I invite every single one of you to read it this week.  It is just amazing.  Joseph Smith had an incredible amount of faith.  He had the faith sufficient to receive a vision.  He went into the Sacred Grove with full confidence to receive an answer.  He continued that faithfulness and later on had more visions.  Also the persecution of Joseph Smith is a testimony to me that he was a prophet of God.  There is a scripture in 2 Timothy, I don`t know exactly where, but it says every man that truly follows Christ will suffer persecution.  This has been a testimony to me too, that what I am doing is truly the work of the Lord.  Why do people reject us for no reason?  Why do people hate us?  It`s because this is the true church.  There is no other way to explain it.  It is necessary that there is an opposition in all things.  There is opposition for us, there was opposition for Joseph Smith, and there was opposition for Christ.  I testify that this is the true church.  We will all have times of difficulty and tribulation, just like all followers of Christ since the beginning of time.  Everyone have a good week. Be happy:)  Christ is walking with us as we carry our burdens. I love you all!

Con amor,
Elder Maynard

 Special PDAY. Our team won.  Victory Flag!

Played dodgeball and capture the flag.

 ME celebrating 8 months in the mission!

And this is Jonathan's door hahah 

 Walking with jonathan to his house as the humidity sucks the sweat out of me haha

 and I like the murals in Argentina
 Argentina streets!

 Last pic with the Zone leaders.  Switching Zone leaders with transfers this week

 and we did a bit of tourism for pday!!!


 They didn't let us go onto the field but I had fun in the stands!!!

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