Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Learn To Love

Hey Everyone!
Well another month has flown by in the mission.  I feel like I am always here sitting at the computer telling everyone how fast the time goes by.  I like what my sister Amanda said that ´´Time is precious.´´ Isn´t that the truth.  We can´t change the past time but we can certainly make sure that we don´t lose future time.  It is interesting that Time is something that matters a lot to mortals, but God doesn´t have time.  He has eternities.  Won´t it be nice to have eternities?  The gospel is awesome.  Hoorah for Eternal Families.
My companion taught me a good lesson today.  I have been mocking Catholics a lot lately.  Just talking negatively about them and calling them ignorant behind their backs.  I was getting tired of them slamming the door in my face. haha But Elder Pearson pulled out the example of our Savior, ´´Father, Forgive them for they know not what they do.´´  I think I have repented more during the mission than I ever have in my whole life.  I have to repent and start to love my Argentine Catholic people again.  The Lord is constantly teaching me lessons.  I have to keep on learning to love.
We are continuing to work with our only investigator, Alberto.  Sadly, he can´t come to church this week, he has to work.  But he promised us that next week.  We will see. The miracle that happened with him is that we gave him a priesthood blessing this week.  He told us that that night he slept better than he has ever slept.  A little miracle to help him recognize the priesthood of God.  He still hasn´t accepted a baptism date because he wants to come to church first.  He has been passing newspapers every day for the last 68 years.  Amazing.  But he is willing to stop to come to church so that is a miracle too.  Life is full of miracles.  We just have to look up and see them.  
We contact doors, we ask references, we read scriptures and Preach My Gospel to renovate the Faith, and we keep on working.  The mission is good. I love you all! Have a good week!
Elder Maynard

 More pics of mission home hahaa

 Hey mama, can you see that I eat good? haha

 Rolling in the car with presidente but we couldn't squeeze him in the picture
 This kis went to AF and he knows PJ and B Harris
 All the New missionaries from last week
 Mom I eat lots of cake

 After a long tired working day you need a coke.
Lunch with all the Zone leaders 
 Missionary have all the solutions, even small tables
 My desk at night
 Getting that alfahor in to celebrate 13 months.

 The only nasty thing in Esperanza is the public bathroom
 The Acosta family came to visit me during our zone meeting in Esperanza. He made me a cake! They are freaking family!  He told me that he also added dad on facebook hahaha

 Eating the cake
 The ward mission leader wasnt home but I got to see his family!
 Te Quiero Esperanza

Eating pizza with zone leaders in Rafaela.

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