Tuesday, June 28, 2016

El Campo Está Listo Ya Para La Siega

¿Cómo andamos?
Hey everyone!  I have been embarrassed many times this week as I have declared my American nationality because Argentina showed our whole country how to play soccer last week.  But then my pride kicks in and I think that we could take them down in any other sport. haha I am excited to see what happens for the championship tomorrow. Ahora sí, Vamos Argentina!
Well we have some awesome news.  The Spirit gave our main Newspaper man, Alberto, a spiritual beat down this past week.  Alberto committed to come to church tomorrow and he topped it off with accepting a baptism date for July 23.  He is such a good guy.  We often here him selling newspapers in the streets.  We can hear him yelling ´´Diario´´ (Newspaper) from about 7 blocks away haha Then My comp and I yell ´´Diario!´´ and we get all excited.  If this guy gets in the water, basically the whole neighborhood does because everyone knows him and loves him.  After delivering the newspaper for 63 years in your neighborhood you are going to have a lot of friends.  Vamos Alberto!
We have also found more receptive people this week.  We have been able to teach a few families parts of the gospel.  The two families want to take things slowly, but in the small chats that we have had with them, there has been lots of progress.  We are excited to see how this snow ball gets rolling downhill here in a few weeks.  The Lord has blessed us a TON in the past few weeks with people to teach.  We are starting the harvest. 
We had a family night this past week to show a family in the ward our Ward Mission Plan and the Hermana made us tacos.  The tender mercies from the Lord come in many forms.  I know that Argentina is a latin country but they don´t have tacos.  I haven´t had tacos in forever.  I love tacos.  
We had divisions this week with some Zone Leaders too.  I went on splits with an Elder that is from Mendoza.  We found a lady who can speak English perfectly.  She is an English translator.  She was so happy to see me haha I think that she speaks better English than me right now.  I think right now I can speak about 80% fluently English and 80% fluently Spanish.  It is a mess.  Hopefully by the end of my mission I can get them both up to 100%.
It was a great week! I am enjoying it! There is no better privilege than to be a special witness of Jesus Christ.  I know that Christ directs this church.  It has His divine authority and His perfect gospel.  It is the key to happiness in this life.  I love you all! Til next week!

Elder Maynard

 Costanera... Yessir!

 Sunday morning showdown

Strolling the coast 

 More santa fe action

 we found a giant slug in a flower patch outside our pench

 Ice cream is the secret to a missionary´s temporal happiness
 And pictures of me hoping and praying that US could take down argentina last Tuesday

 Divisions with Zone leaders from Concordia

Pancakes from this Morning

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