Monday, July 4, 2016


Everyone tell Lukie happy birthday for me!  The little dude is a stud and he is getting big.  Time goes by too fast.  When I left the kid was 4.  It seems weird to me that all my siblings are growing up while I am gone!  I love my family tons!  Have a great weekend everyone and enjoy the 4th of July. God Bless America!  
We have been working a ton in our area.  We have so much potential here.  We have met a ton of good people.  We are on the urge to have a lot of success.  We met a couple the other day and we were able to teach them the Restoration.  They really liked it and they said it made sense and they had a lot of questions about life after death.  One of the coolest things is telling people that through the Gospel of Jesus Christ families can be eternal.  There is nothing better than that.  We invited them to church and we have made plans for a member to pick them up.  Yes!  We also met another lady who had met elders before.  She basically adores us and says that she is coming to church too! Yes!  In the past 10 weeks we have only had 1 investigator in church :(..... But we have committed about 5 people this week.  One of them has to come through for us.  After the trial of the faith, the blessings come!
We taught an older guy named Juan.  He was impressed with my shoe size.  I was persuading him to come to church this Sunday and he laughed and called me ´´The Fisherman with big Sandals´´ haha 
We are still working on our old newspaper man, Alberto.  He says that we are his best friends haha The spirit is so awesome in lessons with him.  The guy has the heart of a lion.  He is a workaholic and can´t seem to stop delivering newspapers to come to church.  We took him to the church at night this past week to give him a tour.  Little by little we will get him there on Sunday.  But I love hearing this guy pray.  He has the most sincere prayers.  He is a good example to me that Prayers should come directly from our hearts.  
Have a good week everyone!  The work continues and it is the perfect work of the Lord.  God has been preparing lots of people here in Costanera and in any moment we should be sending Baptisms photos:)  The church is True! Happy birthday Luke! Happy 4th of July everyone!

Elder Maynard


Rainy sunday

Lunch with Bishops family
Lucia, the little girl, reminds me of amanda when she was little and she has the attitude like jessica haha
More party pics

The stake president´s wife gave me a haircut. I told her that my mom would be jealous haha
Party for an Elders birthday

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