Sunday, July 24, 2016


Hola Queridos!

Cómo andamos? Let´s start this week off with a scripture.... ´´And all this assembly shall know that the Lord saith not with sword and spear: for the battle is the Lord’s.´´ 1 Samuel 17:47.  I wanted to share this because my comp and I have been working a ton out here in the mission field.  Sometimes we don´t get the results that we want but that is ok, because the battle is the Lord´s, and no matter what we are going to win.  The glory just comes in the time of the Lord.  I don´t know if what I wrote made any sense.  Just know that it made sense to me in Spanish.  Basically what I want to say is that I am in the Army of the Lord and it is awesome!
A while ago we found a family that is going through a few difficulties.  It has been a little hard to find them because the dad works like crazy.  Finally this week we found the dad, Marcelo.  We had an awesome chat with him.  This guy just laid all of his problems out on the table.  My companion and I just bore testimony of our loving Heavenly Father and that the Gospel will change his life.  We also taught the guy how to pray and he offered a heartfelt prayer.  One of the coolest parts of the mission is hearing people pray.  But it was an amazing experience to promise this man with all the confidence in the world that the gospel will bring happiness to his family.  I love a quote by Pres. Benson: ´´Only the gospel will bring joy, happiness, and salvation to the human family.” My companion and I have been praying to find families and we hope that Marcelo and his family will get progressing.
We saw an elderly man sweeping the street outside of his house, and we went and offered some help.  Argentines have difficulty accepting help but eventually we convinced the man.  We swept up his street real quick and then he let us into his house to teach.  Service is the best.  I am pumped up just writing about it.  We gave him the Restoration shuffle real quick and invited him to be baptized.  He didn´t accept baptism but he wants us to come back. Patience is the key.  One tiny step at a time.
This week I have found several opportunities to pray out loud.  In the mission you are always with a companion and vocal prayers are forgotten.  I have gone out of my way to do it this week and it has been awesome.  The prayers have probably been the most spiritual part of my week. I felt so much comfort and guidance from Heavenly Father.  Isn´t it amazing that the most all powerful being in the world listens to each and every one of us?  My challenge for everyone this week is to say your own personal vocal prayer.  If you do it with real intent and a broken heart it will be a great experience.
I love you all.  Thanks for your examples, your prayers, your love, and your support.  And everyone give my Grandma Tanner a big hug for me!  It was her birthday yesterday! I love you grandma!  Have a good week everyone!


Elder Maynard

 Pictures from Elder Pearson when we went to a place called Feliciano a while ago

 Cumpleaños de la mision

 Fourth of July

 squished in presidents car
 Consejo de Lideres
 Salmon milanesas

Divisions this week
 Dancing in the Moonlight, Santa Fe is so awesome

 we made salmon milanesa 
 lunch with familia Diaz
 Facturas on bus
 the only true church
 Zone meeting
 Secretly eating alfahores with Elder Blackmon

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