Monday, August 1, 2016


¿Còmo andamos?
How we doing?  I love Argentina.  I walk down the streets and sometimes the thought crosses my mind and I think ``woah, I am in Argentina.``  It is a weird reality check haha  I remember when I got here I thought that Argentina was so different and so weird, but now everything just seems normal and Argentina is my home.  All the dogs, all the bad construccion, all the crazy traffic, and not a single mountain in sight is normal now.  
This week was awesome.  Just like all the rest.  But we got some good news, Alberto came to church!!!  El Loco came to church!  About time right?!  He said a prayer this week that was just awesome, he said to God ``help me get to Your church so that I can one day be baptized.``  That prayer right there will just get the dog`s tail wigglin.  Well God answers prays and he came to church.  We have an appointment with him tonight and we are going to try to put a baptism date for the 27th!  It is also Alberto`s birthday today so we are going to make him a cake!  Let’s go Alberto!
God continually helps us to find ``los escogidos.`` The chosen people.  We have been teaching a man named Wilder.  The guy has been asking wild questions like ``Do we believe in other worlds?`` and ``Why did God permit slaves in the bible?``  The lessons get pretty deep, but Wilder is always satisfied with our answers:)  DUH! The gospel has all the answers!  We re-taught him the restoration this week and it was a powerful lesson.  I felt the Spirit so strong.  I love how the Spirit always testifies to me and everyone else about the truth of the Restoration.  I looked into the man`s eyes and I told him with all the confidence in my soul that I know that this is the truth.  I have kneeled down before God and asked Him lots of times if these things are true.  If Joseph Smith was a prophet and if the Book of Mormon is true.  I know that it is true and I cannot deny it.  Wilder said that if he can come to have a conviction of these things he will be baptized!  We called him yesterday to see how he has been doing and he told us that he prayed and he will tell us how it went during our next visit.  Vamos wilder!
Our other investigator, Marcelo, is doing good too.  He is so close.  He has seen the bait on the hook and he is thinking about biting.  He just needs a push from the spirit and we will be reeling him in soon.  He asked us this week ``What things should I repent of?`` Now that is a good question.   Being a missionary is amazing.  The spirit helps you out so much to be able to answer people`s questions and resolve their problems.  
I told my comp that this week was the beginning of our snow ball.  We have made our snow ball and it is at the point to be rolling down hill where it can`t be stopped.  We are so close! There is so much potencial going on in our area.  I love you all and hope that you have a great week!  Seguid Adelante con Firmeza en Cristo! The church is true!

Elder Maynard

Sunday morning grove goes on

 welcome to Argentina

 A place called Rincon in the mission

 President now knows that I like to take selfies and he wanted a selfie with me haha

 more rincon pics

 it was a doggy week ;)
 We takin over the bus

 ESPERANZA!  They got new bikes
 And an investigator that I taught back in October.  he has a baptism date for this month
 Party time

 Finishing divisiones with Zone leaders


 Fishers of men

Donating blood :O

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