Monday, August 8, 2016

Elder Maynard`s Week

Monday- We went to visit our Number One in the Running Prize horse Alberto.  It was the guy`s birthday! He turned 72 years old!  We made him a cake and he made us hot chocolate!  Man I love food.  We made a push with him to understand the Gift of the Holy Ghost that it is just as important as being baptized.  He understood it well and there was a lovely spirit there.  Before we left, he got a really serious look and face and told us that no one has ever thrown him a Birthday party. But he laughed and said ``The mormones threw my 72nd birthday party`` haha
Tuesday- We contacted a evangelist guy and evangelists always talk too much.  It is a battle because they ramble.  But we were able to kneel down and pray with this guy.  He told us that he does whatever God says, that the light comes from God.  He says that if God gives him the light he will be baptized!  Vamos!
Wednesday- We tried to stamp a baptism date on Alberto but the guy doesn`t want to accept.  He says that he can`t accept something in the future because he lives day by day. He doesn`t know what tomorrow will bring.  Come on....  We will keep on working.
Thursday-We found a family who recently had a baby a month ago, but the baby has a few heart problems. We were able to give the baby a blessing.  When we said ``Amen.`` The family was just in complete silence.  The spirit just swept over.  It was awesome to fill the sweet spirit in a house that needs it deeply.
Friday-We had a family with an awesome family in the ward and the sister made amazing empanadas.  They also have a cute little baby and they were feeding her lemons haha She was making the funniest faces ever.  That poor thing.  If you guys want to have a fun time this week, feed a baby lemons.  
Saturday-We went to a city called Rincon to do a Church Open House. It was awesome.  We were in the street all day calling in people to come unto the Church of the Lord.  We shared a small message on Christ and showed people the baptism font.  11 people accepted a baptism date, the missionaries received 58 referrals to teach, and there were tears shed from the crowd.  The gospel is awesome right?
Sunday- I reflected a lot on a talk by Elder Bednar called ´´Reflecting on the Lord`s Will and Timing.`` It is in this month’s issue of the Liahona.  Wow it is awesome.  It has made me think a lot about my mission and accepting the Lord`s will.  I invite you all to read this talk.  It warped my mind for the good.  I know that all things are in the Lord`s hands and I am willing to accept whatever He has planned for me.  The Lord`s plan is always the best and I hope and pray that I will always have the faith to follow it.
I hope you guys have a great week! I tried to mix this letter up so I hope you enjoy it. The mission is awesome and the church is true.  Know that God and Jesus Christ love you all.  I love you all!  

Hasta La Pròxima,

Elder Maynard

 My old pench in Parque del Sur
 Helping move a big cupboard
 Celebrating the Birthday of Alberto
 Tramites en Rosario
 I thought this billboard was funny
 There is cow tongue on that burger
Lunch in Rosario 

 Divisions with Concordia
 Family Night with Familia Zuviria


 Street views in Argentina

 We are here with the crew and alfahores and chocolate milk

 Santa Fe Bridge with the Crew

15 month alfahor 
 An awesome MA member who came to church and he is my buddy so I put on his sunglasses and took a selfie with him

During our fast the members couldn't give us food so they sent us home with lots of food to eat later.  I put on my party hat because it was a party and a big blessing from God.

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