Monday, August 22, 2016

Another Transfer Down

Hola Queridos,

Transfers here in the mission last six weeks.  I remember being in my first transfer in the mission and I asked my trainer, Elder Fillerup, if the transfers go by fast.  He said, yep.  Now I know that he was right.  I have just ended my 11th transfer and we have 6 more to go.  Wow.  Still there is lots of time left and lots of work to do.  We are going to keep on rolling.  
On Saturday we saw 2 guys shooting some hoops in a little park here in Santa Fe.  Two white boys with white shirts and ties showed up to get in on the game. (Elder Pearson and Elder Maynard aka American Warriors)  We just played HORSE and a few other small games with these guys but they called Elder Pearson and I ``Professionals.`` haha It was pretty fun.  We gave them our number and maybe they are going to call us in the future to play some hoops again.  This is the type of street contacting that I like.  Gospel, Family, and Basketball. That is the recipe to happiness in this life.
Every week the walkway on the River Bank is just full of people walking and drinking mate.  We took advantage this week and set up a little booth to contact some people.  I am still pretty nervous to talk to people.  It is funny how the nerves never really quite go away.  We still get the job done though.  Somehow and some way you can always pull a little bit of courage out of yourself.  We handed out lots of pamphlets, cards, and a few Books of Mormon.  The mission continues to put me in situations to grow.  That`s what life is all about.
We have had lots of success with Marcelo this week! He has been reading and praying everyday and he came to church yesterday!  He enjoyed church and told us that it is a really good environment.  We are going to try and give him a baptism date this week! Yes sir!
This week during several lessons I had the opportunity to bare my testimony on the Book of Mormon.  The Spirit hit me really strong every time that I really do know for myself that it is true.  I have kneeled down many times before God and asked to know the truthfulness.  While reading it over the past few years I have come to know my Savior Jesus Christ.  I feel like I have changed a lot and it is due to what the Book of Mormon has taught me.  It leads me to believe and have faith, to repent time and time again, and to keep my covenants.  Such goodness and such beauty can only come from God.
Another day, another week, and another transfer.  Step by step we get better and better, we walk farther and farther, until one day we will see God again.  Have a good week.


Elder Maynard

 Tacos and District meeting with THE DISTRICT

 Divisions with zone leaders of Rafaela

Sunday morning pic
 Lunch with Familia Chiapello
 Our stand that we did on the costanera
 My friend Lucia! looks like Amanda and has the attitude like Jessica haha

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