Saturday, July 16, 2016

Party Week Continues

Hey Everyone!

Well this week was transfer week and once again it was filled with lots of meetings and with TONS of food!  It makes for some great spiritual moments and a stomach ache here and there :O Just a week of craziness and it is hard to remember it all but here we go....
This week we had a Family night with Flia Diaz in the Ward where we watched the video of the Restoration to try to get some referrals.  One of our lessons this week with Alberto also consisted of watching ``The Restoration.``  In my mission I have probably watched it 30 times, but EVERY TIME every single time I am overcome with the Spirit.  You all can watch it here It is better to experience what I experience instead of my mixed up Spanish and English mind trying to describe it.  The spirit testifies of the truth every time.  
We have also had lots of progress with Alberto this week.  The crazy workaholic tells us that he is going to make it to church at any minute.  Well we taught him the word of Wisdom this week and he says that he can do it.  he is a little doubtful but he is willing to try.  That is awesome.  That is how faith is built.  When we move forward and work even when we aren`t sure about it.  He says that he wants to be baptized.  He says that he is a good person but wants to get down there in the water to clean up any sin that he has missed haha He is awesome.  We have been working a ton with him and he has progressed a ton!  he just needs to come to church!  
I had a cool experience this week where I went on Divisions with THE ELDER CLAYTON.  before work we kneeled down to pray and it was just like the good old times.  We read Alma 24 with less active member and the spirit was awesome.  The Book of Mormon is just a one way ticket to feeling good.  It was awesome to be with Elder Clayton now that both of us can speak Spanish now haha 
I have been thinking a lot lately that there are so many things that I can improve as a missionary and as a person.  It is a little overwhelming if you think about it.  There are just too many things to perfect in this life.  I have had a feeling of peace lately about this subject that everything is all right.  Everything is going to turn out good in the end.  I am not going to be perfect after these two years, neither at the end of my life.  The important part is that we take steps down the road to eternal perfection. I love that my journey didn`t start 14 months ago, neither will it end in 10 months.  I have been walking down this road and I will continue to be walking down it tranquilamente.  Life is good.  
Por favor Sepan que la iglesia es verdadera.  La felicidad se encuentra en el Evangelio de Jesucristo.  Agarren la barra, sigan firmes, y que tengan una buena semana. Vamos Israel!


Elder Maynard
Alberto gave us pan (bread) made out of cow fat
 we ate this purè pie and it was delicious
 Yes mom I eat lots of FOOD! :)

 And hermano Carlotta.  He served with Brittney in neuquen
 We back ot the Prez`s house

 Mom, Did I tell you that I eat food? haha Love you :)

 Mom I think you should be more worried about me preaching the gospel instead of me eating food.  Does Elder Maynard work? or all that he ever does is eat? haha

 Mom, 2 out of three of my packages arrived! WOOHOOO!

 Art museum in Santa Fe

 Dinner to welcome the new elder and new sister to the mission

 More food pics to prove to my wonderful mother that I am eating

 A kid in our ward who we sent off to serve a MINI mission.

Meeting for new missionaries

 Just getting some mission warrior pics in

 I get tired and need to drink coke
 Taking a bus to council of leaders
 I found carpet in presidents house!

 Where is president? Nah.... Elder Maynard runs things around here now.

 I wanted to show you all how I did my tie yesterday hahaha :)

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