Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Party Week


Wow! This week was such a blast!  The mission conferences that we had this week were just Spiritually out of this world.  The spirit helped me a ton as I gave my little message on being an instrument in the hands of the Lord.  Allowing the Spirit to guide you in all things.  I chose to speak on this because of a quote that has been on my mind a lot lately by President Ezra Taft Benson, ´´The Spirit is the most important single element in this work. With the Spirit magnifying your call, you can do miracles for the Lord in the mission field. Without the Spirit, you will never succeed regardless of your talent and ability´´ I shared my thoughts and things on this quote and also got a few laughs out of the crowd:)  The conference was unreal.  President Perez gave 2 talks about 50 minutes each.  The guy can motivate you to run 10 miles.  I just had goose bumps the whole time.  I was on a spiritual high the whole time.  I was also pumped up because of the Fourth of July.  We got a big crowd going and everyone sang the Star Spangled Banner to my USA ball is life Socks. hahaha It was so awesome.
I went on Splits with 3 different Elders this week.  It was an awesome experience and also reminded me of how much I love and miss being a trainer.  It is so cool to see younger missionaries who are so humble and faithful and willing to learn and they always make a good effort to work hard.  Basically the whole mission is really young.  A few weeks ago President Perez told me that I am old in the mission haha And I only have 14 months! C´mon prez.  
We have been working our tails off.  I am so proud of my comp and I.  We have never gotten down or anything.  We have just kept working and working.  There are miracles knocking on our door.  Man they are so close.  I love that my mom told me this week that she dreamed that we had baptisms! YES! GO MOM!  She saw the future! haha  
Our investigator Alberto is a stud of a man.  We are working hard to get him to come to church.  We have powerful lessons with him and he recognizes that God sent us.  His life has already changed a ton and by going to church and getting baptized will be the greatest thing for him.  I trust in God and that he will prepare the way for the work here in Costanera.
This week I have felt so grateful for my mission call.  I feel so blessed to be out here in the mission field.  It has been the best experience of my life.  It has changed me completely.  It has humbled me to the dust and continues humbling me.  It has showed me My Savior´s Love for me. It has showed me the things that are really important in this life.  It is amazing.  Thank you all for your prayers and your love and Support.  I send my love from down here in Santa Fe Argentina.  The second best city in the world.  Number 1: Salt Lake City.  Have a great week! Vamos Israel!

Con demasiado Amor,
Elder Maynard

 Sunday lunch with Familia Chiapello
 Before the mission conference

 After the mission conference
 Getting our party on!

Enjoying the day with president Perez! 


THe boys from Parque del Sur 
All of the Americans for 4th of July! 

 More party pics

Coke floats and Hot dogs 
 Night time 4th of july party.

 Closing off the 4th of july

 Going to day 2 of conference
 Conference Day 2

 Elder Maynard CLASHIN hard on Pres Perez´s Ipad :)
Some bros 
 Some Sister missionaries saw me carrying flowers and wanted to take a picture of me :O este... como es? haha
 The stake presidents wife also snuck in for a picture.  She is basically my Santa Fe mom
 Elder Blackmon
Food round two 
 Elder Meyers and Ice cream
 These are all missionaries from my group.  We arrived together!


 14 months alfahor!!!

 We got invited to Hermano Chiapello´s dads birthday party for lunch

 Divisions with elder rodriguez
 Elder Campbell
Back with pearson getting some pepas 
 Service project cleaning a roof of a member

 Street pics and the church in Costanera

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