Monday, September 12, 2016

Road Trip Week

Queridos Familiares y Amigos,

Just like every other week in the mission, we had a full week! I love keeping busy and working hard!  Some people relate the mission field to a military academy, and I would have to say that the mission field is more efficient and more rewarding! Go Mission.
We started off the week traveling to a city in the mission called La Paz.  It was a great road trip filled with Coke and treats. :)  It was like a road trip with the fam.  In La Paz we did divisions with some of the Elders there.  La Paz is awesome. It has lots of hills and dirt roads.  It is really peaceful compared to the city.  We contacted a 13 year old kid in the street.  He reminded me of Chunk from ``The Goonies.`` haha Argentine Chunk.  We dropped the First Vision on this kid and he was pretty amazed.  Amazed or confused. One of the two.  But he was pretty excited so I assumed that he was amazed.  I asked him if he has prayed to God before and he said ``Yeah, I pray every night and I thank him.``  I just thought, Argentine Chunk is an absolute stud! Lets go! He has friends in the church and I asked him if he wants to come to church with us and be baptized.  He told us ``Sì.`` Alright!! haha it was fun and really cool. The next day we had Zone Conference in La Paz.  President Pèrez is just a spiritual warrior.  I would follow the man to the battlefront of Armageddon. (I can`t spell) I am just on cloud nine while listening to his talks.  Elder Pearson and I gave a little workshop on District meetings.  It turned out great.  The Spirit always helps out a ton. It was just a solid time.
We continued our road trip to Concordia. Once again pulling out another spiritual time. President Pèrez came out strong, helping us to understand that we need TO BE missionaries, not only appear like one.  We can apply this as members of the church.  We have to LIVE the gospel and BELIEVE it. Not just go to church on Sundays.  We gave a work shop this time on the baptism invitation. All the missionaries are just studs.  There was a lot of participation from everyone and I learn so much from everyone.  I feel so blessed to be able to know so many good people. The mission is really special.
We finally returned home to Santa Fe.  It was a great trip and went by really quick.  On Saturday we had a Church Open House in our ward.  Four of our investigators came! It was great.  We worked our tails off for this activity and we are pretty happy that these four people were able to come.  How great will be our joy if only 1 soul comes unto God!  
I am grateful for my mission.  I am grateful for all the short comings and difficulties.  I am grateful for tender mercies and special moments.  I am grateful to have the Gospel of Jesus Christ in my life.  There is no other way! I am grateful for all of my family and friends! I love you all. Have a great week.


Elder Maynard

A chair made out of cow
  Me eating cow

 Ice cream
 Riding with Pres. Perez with coke and alfajores

 Night time snack
 Zone conference LA PAZ

 I get my soda in while I can. By May 10th we will be stopping
 Lunch with President
 ice cream y brownie :)
 A nice view with a peak of the parana river below

 Campo de argentina!




 More capilla abierta
 more food for mom

 Capilla Abierta Crew
 I am thinking about proposing to my wife here, what do you guys think?
 Elder Maynard in his natural habitat
Hey jackson, here is david`s phone, so you dont need an iphone 7

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