Wednesday, September 28, 2016

September Winds Down

Saludos a Todos,

Hey everyone! How are we doing?  I am doing great here in Santa Fe, the weather is beautiful and I am trying to enjoy it while we can.  The week was really fun and it went by fast for Elder Pearson and I here in Costanera.  We made a huge effort this week to talk with EVERYONE in the street.  We didn´t let a single soul pass by us unless we had to walk fast to get to an appointment or something important.  It was seriously so much fun.  The days went by quick and we were just enjoying it.  I love how we get all types of reactions from people.  Some people ignore us, some people hide from us, others talk to us until they realize who we are, and others are actually really nice people.  This leads me to a phrase that I often say, ´´Hay de todo en Argentina. ´´ Missionary work is incredible.  I just know that it is the truth, why else would we be doing this?  It is so awesome.  
We have been making another big effort to get the members involved here in the missionary work.  We have been going around and sharing a family night with everyone. (HERE IT IS: )  Read it and it will make you a better person, I promise.  it has made the members excited to visit investigators with us and help them understand their duties as members to share the gospel. EVERY MEMBER A MISSIONARY.  For real, this talk has changed how the member´s here have looked at the missionary work.  Read it and it will bless your life.
We had a funny surprise yesterday.  We were kind of sad because none of our investigators were able to come to church. Out of no where we get a text from some elders in another ward.  They asked us if we have investigators named Mariana and Alejo.  We said yes.  They then told us that they were there in their church building! haha Our investigators went to the wrong church! But at least they were able to get there! YES!! Wow, Elder Pearson and I just got pumped up after that.  Alejo is 12 years old and we were able to teach him 2 times this past week. The kid is just a stud and he convinced his mom to go to church with him. JUVENTUD DE ISRAEL!  Alejo has a baptism date for the 29th of October.
I already told you guys that we talked with basically everyone we saw this week right?  Well I have another lesson with this, after lots of tribulations come the blessings.  We would be contacting for hours and hours and hours, enjoying ourselves, but we wouldn´t have much success. But always right before the end of the night, we would find someone Awesome! So i just want to add in that my testimony grew this week of the blessings that come after much tribulation.
This past Friday we also had another Zone Conference in the zone of Rafaela.  They are a lot of fun. Anyway I got a cool revelation out of it.  We have to set specific goals in life.  It is like pitching a baseball.  If we aim for the mit, and mess up a little bit, then the ball won´t enter the glove. But if we aim at the thread in the mit, and mess up a little bit, we still probably will throw the ball into the mit.  So we shouldn´t set generally wide goals in life, because the baseball can go wherever. But If we set specific goals, then we will throw a few strikes.  I hope you all can understand me haha Sometimes I feel like I don´t make sense because English is my second language. :) I think my dad will understand what I am trying to say, so if you are confused, ask him.
Scary story for the week, I was saying my prayer at night and a spider the size of a nickel crawled on my face.  It wasn´t that big of a spider, but any spider on my face is not welcome.  I often say to my comp that I am going to die in Argentina. (do not freak out mom, it is only a joke.)
I love you all!

Elder Maynard

Some far views of Santa Fe 


More views 

 Walmart-  Ahorrá plata, viví mejor
 I ate a hamburger and I wasted 1200 pesos in walmart.

family night with the Familia Zanuttini 

 i call this jog in the morning ´´The Rocky Run´´

 Mosquitos bites are starting up, time to use my bug repelant again.

 This spider crawled on my face as I was praying
 This picture has a thousand words
 This little drawing on the wall kind of freaked me out so I took a picture with it
 Chocotorta oreo :D

 It has flowers and no leaves. So cool
 I call this the Dr. Seuss tree
 Dr. suess tree close up
 This are the last pics for the week

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