Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Más Vale Tarde Que Nunca

Hola Familia y Amigos,

Another transfer has come to a close in the Great Mission Argentina Santa Fe.  We have completed 12, and we have 5 more to go.  Time goes by too fast.  Speaking about going by fast, How was general conference?!  In the mission we look forward to General conference so much and it goes by in the blink of an eye.  I would have to say that my favorite talk came from President Thomas S. Monson during the priesthood session.  I know without a doubt that this man is a prophet of God.  He told a story about a man in the Navy. He was overboard and he had to climb back into a ship during a storm.  While climbing up the ship, he was losing strength.  He had always kept the Word of Wisdom, and while climbing up the ship, he prayed to God to receive the strength to make it back up.  God gave him strength. He was no longer tired and he climbed up with ease.  I thought this story was so awesome.  The main message that I got out of it is that the blessings will always come.  Always.  God will forever fulfill with His promises when we obey His commandments.  We may not know when the blessings will come, but they always do, especially when we need them most. I loved it.  The blessings will always come.
Another thing touched me during conference.  I cannot remember who said it, but he said ´´Are the windows of heaven opened when we pray?´´ That is a great question.  The best prayers come from me when I pray out loud.  I am more focused and I feel closer to God.  I remember praying a few nights ago, and I felt like the heavens were opened.  I really felt like I was talking directly to God.  Sometimes we take things for granted.  I am used to praying a lot in the mission, so it was a good reminder to make our prayers more personal and remember that they are sacred.  
We had an awesome experience last night too that has to do with prayer.  We met a 15 year old kid, Tobias.  He let us into his house and we shared with him the message of the restoration of the gospel of Jesus Christ.  He was locked in, listening intently to us.  At the end, we invited him to pray to know the truth. He asked, ´´God, this message is true?´´  He then sat there for about 2 minutes in complete silence.  The silence ended when he said, ´´Amen.´´ We asked him how he felt.  He told us that he felt peace, he feels closer to God, and that he felt like God was listening to him.  The moments like these are when you feel like you are on top of the world as a missionary.  It is the coolest thing in the world.  We have another appointment with Tobias tomorrow!
Our main man Alberto came to the Priesthood session of General Conference with us.  The first thing that he said to us after was, ´´ Your prophet is a little old aye?´´ haha I laughed because Alberto always complains about being old.  Alberto continues to be our main prospect for baptism.  He is just a solid man.  Such a good guy.  He is working hard to be able to come to church every week.  That is going to be our focus for the week, Operation: Get Alberto to Church.  
I am grateful for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints.  I know that it is the true church of Christ here on the earth.  Christ is the Creator and the Leader.  He is the Good Shephard.  I am grateful and blessed to be able to serve God in His kingdom.  I am grateful for the love and support of my family as I am here in Argentina. I always feel your love!  Have a great week everyone! I love you guys!

Elder Maynard

P.S: EVERYONE give a big hug to my stud of a little brother Jackson.  It is his birthday tomorrow!  HAPPY BIRTHDAY BUDDY! I love you tons bro!  He is now 16 and can go on dates so all the ladies out there better hit him up! ;) I love you Jackson!

 General Conference!!
 Elder Maynard during a planning meeting
 There are wild parrots called ´´loros´´
 Argentine tree fettish
 All my pictures from general conference day!

 I drove around in santa fe at midnight

 Party in President Perez house at 11 at night hahaha

 The boy clement

 Pday especial

 Lunch for Pday, I played basketball, and good news I can still dunk and shoot pretty well :)

 In Argentina there are just little garbage baskets and I thought that this one was pretty funny
 President Perez´s Birthday party!

 Argentine Tree Fettish


My boy Elder Llanos made a ton of rice for everyone.  VIVA PERU!

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