Monday, October 10, 2016

Para Siempre Jamás

One thing that I love about Argentina is that people always say 4 things to say hello haha It is like saying ´´Hello! Good Morning? What´s up? How are you doing?´´ I love it, it makes me laugh sometimes.  
To start this letter off I would like to say Happy Birthday to my little sister Amanda!  She is 18.... :O  I hope you have a great birthday on Saturday Amanda! YOU ROCK! And you have so much swag! ;)
This week was transfer week, so it was full of lots of meetings.  I am fine with that because I get to listen to President Pérez a lot and he will just take you into a spiritual spaceship and blast off.  President Pérez focuses a lot on the personal conversion of every single missionary.  We have to be truly converted ourselves if we want to be able to help other people.  Do we just believe in the restored gospel of Jesus Christ or do we really KNOW that it is true?  We have to KNOW! And if we do not know, then we can always go to our Heavenly Father in humble prayer and ask Him for wisdom.  We read together Moses 5:8 ´Wherefore, thou shalt do all that thou doest in the name of the Son, and thou shalt repent and call upon God in the name of the Son forevermore.´´ I love how this scripture says ´´Forevermore.´´  We aren´t here to serve the Lord for only 2 years, we are here to worship God forever.  That gives me so much comfort.  In the mission, in this life, or after death, I shall worship God forevermore.  The mission is just a step that we take to prepare us for the eternities.  We have to be ready to follow God at all times and in all things, and in all places.  We have to be converted to Him.  He just wants us to follow Him and have the joy that He has.  The church is just so cool and so true.
Due to lots of meetings we weren´t able to work very much this week, but basically all we do is contact people. It is fun and we enjoy it a lot.  
Funny story of the week: Were talking to a guy in a park, and the guy freaks out and points at Elder Pearson.  We didn´t notice but Elder Pearson was standing on an ant hill.  I have never seen so many ants on someone´s pants.  It was so funny.  We spent the next five minutes shaking ants off of Elder Pearson.  Luckily he wasn´t bit.  
I love you all and I hope you have a great week! Happy Birthday Amanda!


Elder Maynard
Greeting the new missionaries this week. 3 from Utah, 1 from colorado, and 2 from Mexico

Foto shoot with Elder Maynard? haha 

Food after the meeting with trainers and newbies

HAPPY BIRTHDAY JACKSON!!!! I got the party hat on

Elder Giacoboni goes home soon.  He was my zone leader and I did my very first splits with him.

I got an x ray this week so I took a selfie.  Don´´t freak out, I am completely fine.  I have a funny story coming soon.
This is called Puré pie. One of Elder Pearson´s and I´s creations and it is delicious

Alfahor for 17 months!

 The crew at church, our new ward mission leader. 


Alberto gave us a loaf of bread.  its called pan chincharron.  It is made out of little pieces of cow fat but it is absolutely delicious.  

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