Monday, January 23, 2017

A Change Up

Hey Everyone!
We received some big news this week.  Elder Llanos and I are being transferred to another ward here in Santa Fe.  Our new ward is Mayoraz.  The news surprised both of us, but we are excited to go where the Lord wants us to go.  I will never forget the opportunity that I had to serve in Costanera.  I was there for a little more than 9 months.  Looking back on it, they are probably the the fastest, hardest, yet most rewarding months of my whole life.  My companions and I dug deep down and gave everything that we had there.  I don`t have any regrets.  There were lots of hard moments, but we never stopped, we just kept going forward.  I am so grateful for everyone that I met there.  All of the members are a part of me now, they are my family here in Santa Fe.  The Lord showed me some great miracles through Mariana and Alejo, and Liliana.  These people have showed me a lot and they have exercised faith unto repentance and have made it to the waters of baptism.  I am super proud of them.  During these past 9 months the Lord has taught me a life long lesson.  It is found in Ether 12: 6 "And now, I, Moroni, would speak somewhat concerning these things; I would show unto the world that faith is things which are hoped for and not seen; wherefore, dispute not because ye see not, for ye receive no witness until after the trial of your faith."  My faith in God truly has increased.  After exercising faith, miracles happened in Costanera.  I can`t put into words how great it was.  I am at peace with everything that has happened in Costanera.  It is sacred ground for me.
Highlights of the week:
-Elder Llanos and I cut down another tree. It is the third time that we have cut down a tree now.  I like swinging an axe too much.
-There are lots of bats here.  There was an injured bat and it was crawling on the ground at night, at first glance I thought that it was a tarantula.  I almost died.
-Elder Llanos loves his peruvian Arroz Chaufa.(ham Fried rice)  He always offers to everyone to cook it for them.  One family accepted this week.  It was the first family that has accepted so we were super excited.  It didn`t turn out as well as we hoped.  To make a long story short, everyone makes fun of Elder Llanos now that he likes his rice hard.  It was super awesome.  Poor Elder Llanos is really embarrassed.
-I have made French toast two times this week.  😍 It has been so long
-I shared 3 Nephi 18: 25 with Liliana this week and I felt the spirit super strong.
I love you all tons! Have a great week!
Elder Maynard
Misiòn Argentina Santa Fe
 DyC 128: 22 Hermanos, ¿no hemos de seguir adelante en una causa tan grande? Avanzad, en vez de retroceder. ¡Valor, hermanos; e id adelante, adelante a la victoria! ¡Regocíjense vuestros corazones y llenaos de alegría! ¡Prorrumpa la tierra en canto¡

 There are lots of dragon flies here.
I think that my desk is awesome sometimes 
 Saying goodbye to my friend Juan!  

Is it a frog? Is it a spider? ITS A BAT!!! 
 Family Romero

Lunch with Liliana! 

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