Monday, January 16, 2017

Somos como Ammon


The mission is just an adventure.  You meet so many people, you do so many things, and every day you feel a little uncomfortable.  It`s so fun.  
We had a road trip this week.  We went to La Paz. A nice quite town 4 hours away from Santa Fe.  Just traveling in an argentine bus is an experience that you will never forget.  Lots of fun, kind of.  La Paz is awesome because it has lots of green hills, dirt roads, horses, pigs, and of course dogs.  It is a fun change up from the city.  In La Paz we did a Church open house.  It is a huge activity where we basically just fish people into the church so that they can see what it is like.  We were 30 missionaries working together and it was awesome.  I love being with all of the missionaries, we are just an army.  During the church open house, we invite people to be baptized.  15 people accepted a baptism date.  How cool, right?  Super awesome.
In Costanera we are working a lot with inactive members.  We had some cool experiences this week.  There is young man who hasn`t gone to church in years.  His name is Adrian and we have come to be friends with him.  He had originally told us that he stopped believing in God. We invited him to look up a song that has to do with prayer. (Here it is:  He said he liked it.  He has now said 2 prayers with us.  We are trying to get his testimony built up.  We also invited him to eat lunch in the house of a member and he came with.  We saw some small, awesome miracles with Adrian this week.
There is an incomplete family in the ward, Family Romero.  We have tried to work a bit with them in the past but we haven`t had many results.  Last night we passed by hoping to find some luck.  The mom answered the door and was trying to convince us to come back another time.  Elder Llanos saw that they were cooking dinner and he offered to help.  With a bit of persuasion we entered the house and cut all of the potatoes and tomatoes for them.  We shared some laughs and smiles and we left them with a prayer.  We are going to go back this wednesday and eat dinner with them.  Awesome, right?  This morning I read Alma 17, where Ammon saves the flocks of King Lamoni.  The flocks of King Lamoni were being attacked and most of the servants of King Lamoni got really scared, but Ammon got excited.  He got excited to be able to take advantage of the situation, to be able to help and serve.  This act of service gained the trust of King Lamoni.  Ammon was then able to teach him the gospel of Jesus Christ.  I related this story to what we did last night.  We just took advantage of a small opportunity.  We cut potatoes, Ammon saves a flock of sheep.  It is almost the same thing :)
I love you all tons!  I hope that you all take advantage of the opportunities that God gives you this week!


Elder Maynard

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