Monday, July 13, 2015

My First Barracho

Hola Everyone!

Argentina is incredible I´ll tell you what.  There is absolutely no mountains and you can see for miles.  Makes me sad, but it makes for quite the beautiful sunset and sunrise. Awesome.  One cool thing this week is that I learned how to ride a bike without holding the handlebars! haha Lots of people ride for miles without handlebars and I had to learn because we already look weird with our helmets. I´m becoming more and more argentine every week!  We have one investigator who is scheduled for baptism on the 26th! This guy is a stud and he has been coming to church for a few months.  His name is Rodolfo. He is way prepared! We also set a baptismal date for another investigator, Fransisco. August 22! He was having depression one day so we went to visit him, and he was just so drunk.  Gave me a big fat bear hug and a sloppy kiss on the neck. haha We pretty much said Hi and then told him we had to go.  I also met my new mission President this week. President Perez! What a guy.  Very firm in gospel, very direct to the point, and very Chilean.  I´m excited to get to know him better.  This week I had three hamburgers with big fried eggs on them and cheese.  I POWERED through! Let’s go.  My taste buds are slowly adapting.  Maybe I´ll be able to gain some weight and put on some muscle with eggs now.  I have found an argentine food I just despise.  Pelenta.  It’s like mashed potatoes but with corn.  Just doesn´t work.  Another cool thing this week was that I did my first blessings in Spanish!! I gave two this week.  So awesome and peaceful, and the spirit just helps you know what to say. An incredible experience.  This week I handed out as many cards as possible while on a bus too.  My comp and I just laugh because the people just barely understand what I´m saying.  One lady thought I was trying to sell them for money and my comp had to come in and save me and tell her that it was free hahaha Another time I tried to stop to help some people with yardwork. And I said ¨We are books¨ but I meant to say ¨We are free¨ My comp and I laughed about that one for a while haha The church is true everyone! Ether 12: 27 says if we come unto God he will show us our weaknesses.  I have TONS of weaknesses.  But thanks to my Savior and his INFINITE atonement I am able to SUPERAR!!!  The mission has shown me my mistakes, and I have had to kneel down before my father in heaven and beg for forgiveness.  There is no better feeling than being forgiven.  Christ Lives and loves each and every one of us!!! Now if only some of my investigators could understand this!!! haha I invite all of you to repent this week.  Repentance should be DAILY and repentance is POSITIVE. And it is BEAUTIFUL.  Love you all so much. Have the best weeks of your lives:)

Hoorah for Israel,

Elder Maynard

Quick pics elder fillerup caught hahaha

I still got it! and fillerup has bounce too haha

 viva argentina! I accidently poked a small hole in the wall with this bad boy shhhh haha
 Love the full moon here in ARG!

Me gusta la luna

A homemade alfahor from a sister in the ward OH MY GOODNESS

Argentina is dangerous out there... haha and my fourth of july breakfast we whipped up

Popped open reeses to celebrate program of investigator! and milanesas

God bless America!!! 4th of July

 sunrise over esperanza and plaza!!!


 tallest in our zone and the shortest haha

 Me eating burger with eggs!!!! and then eating real mens food:)


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