Wednesday, July 8, 2015


 Also made a video but its too big to attach! Dang it!

 Terminal in sante fe and some graffiti

I was feeling foxy hahaha

My zone! Im in the middle

Selfie game with the church and a fail with the sunrise

President and Sister Zanni. Last meeting with them

In the center of esperanza. Does this sweater make me look fat?  Im not that fat yet, still got my 6 pack:)

Having pity on cathedral and one week in argentina pic!

Feeling real jolly after my first talk and PEPAS!!! sooo goood

After being poured on in the rain. tried to take a picture with lightning and failed haha

Best meal ive had in argentina yet!!! so good hahaha A sister from branhc made it

 Cool place in Esperanza

First nice serving of facturas!!!!

Look what I found!!!! Ran out of time for big letter. Tell everyone sorry. Love you Tons!

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