Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Ladies and Gentlemen, We Got One in the Water


Wow... What a week I have had.  Absolutely amazing.  I´ll start off with an amazing lesson that we had with the Familia Schnell.  We taught The Restoration, and the spirit testifies of the truth EVERY TIME.  Wow it was so amazing.  One of the best things on this planet is telling someone about the First Vision.  My heart just pounds and I get pumped up!  It is so amazing.  We taught them how to recognize the spirit and the 14 year old kid of the family said, ¨I feel it, I feel it.¨  So sweet.  Me and Elder Fillerup left that lesson just fired up.  This week we also had an activity with the branch.  A Talent Show!  It turned out really really good.  2 of our investigators came too, so that was awesome.  I don´t mean to brag by any means, but me and Elder Fillerup definitely had the best act.  We acted out contacts of how people reject the missionaries haha They run away, make up excuses, or say wait a minute at the door and never came back. haha All of these things have happened a lot to me already. It turned out good. We also had a service project this week where we shoveled and wheel borrowed dirt around for a very very poor family.  It is so sad to see the conditions that some people live in.  Some areas here are in really bad poverty.  And the crowning moment of the week! RODOLFO WAS BAPTIZED!!!  On Sunday we prepared the ¨Font¨ which is just like a little tiny swimming pool haha It is sooo sweet.  The baptismal service was sweet. My talk on baptism went pretty good.  I was pretty nervous but prayed that I would be able to speak good and God answers prayers!!  My favorite part of my talk was when I read Matt. 3:17 after Christ was baptized and God says that He is well pleased with His son.  I told Rodolfo God is well pleased with him too:)  Elder Fillerup had to force Rodolfo under the water pretty good because the pool is so tiny haha But he came out of the water and it was incredible.  Feelings just indescribable.  I was just so happy for the guy.  Rodolfo is a stud with so much faith.  It was one great day.  And yesterday was transfers! And Elder Fillerup is on his way home.  I´m so grateful he was my trainer.  This past month or so has been of the best months of my life.  So fun and I learned so much from him.  One of my best friends.  And my new Comp is Elder Clayton from Saint George, Utah.  He is a stud tambien and I´m excited to work with him this transfer.  The church is true everyone!  There is no greater joy in this world than missionary work.  The mission isn´t easy, but it´s so worth it!  Over these first few months I have felt God´s love for me and for others, and it´s unmeasurable.  He cares about us so much and He is always there to pick us up when we fall!  Love you all! Have a great week!


Elder Maynard

The morning my jump rope broke! ahhh

A little somethin somethin to make big papa jealous:)


Stupid bike chains always brake. 

 I was standing in MAIPU :)

Gotta put your foot down sometimes. 

We went to a wedding of a member this week!!!!

At the wedding with hna susana:) 

Had to get a model pic in with my glass of coke:)

hahaha kicking back at the wedding


Rodolfo y elder fillerup were glowing!!! Incredible!!!

Last pic with fillerup

First pic with Clayton

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