Monday, July 20, 2015

Time Flies When You´re Having Fun


This week was amazing! I can´t believe it is now my last week of my first transfer in the mission field! Over one month in Argentina.  Absolutely crazy awesome.  Something way sad happened early in the week.  My jump rope snapped in half! I was devastated haha I´ve had that thing all throughout high school! Something way cool this week was that I had my first exchange. Elder Fillerup had a leadership meeting so I spent the day in another area with Elder Hurst.  We visited a menos activo who was nuts. This lady reminded me of a witch from a Disney movie. I want to say the sword in the stone but I’m not sure.  During my prayer I said something about how we were grateful for Jesus and she shouted Amen way loud hahaha so I hurried and ended the prayer right then and there.  Funny story of the week is that there is a three legged dogs with puppies.  The mama is so ugly but the puppies are cool.  Me and my comp were petting the puppies when the three legged dog (We call it Tripod) started to chase us down, the thing was quick with only three legs. It was snapping at Elder Fillerup’s legs but we evaded. Close call.  haha Our investigator Rodolfo is a stud.  The man just has so much faith.  I can´t understand a word he says because half his teeth are gone, but his countenance is awesome.  Way funny and friendly.  He asked me to give the talk on baptism for his baptismal service on Sunday, so I´m looking forward to that.  Going to have First Baptism this week! WHOOOO! =D Also I taught Sunday school this week. Whole thing in Spanish.  I´m getting better.  Still really rough and needs lots of work but all the members say it´s tons better than when I got here so that’s comforting.  Crazy this week too is that our bike chains keep snapping in half.  We end up riding them pretty much like scooters to a bike shop haha We laugh how we probably look like the biggest dorks to everyone haha I know this gospel is true.  I see the blessings of the lord every day.  When we look for blessings, we find them.  So we need to be optimistic!!! I’m so grateful for eternal families and that we find happiness through the gospel!!!  LOVE YOU ALL. Have a great week.


Elder Maynard

ROGELIO.  Menos activo STUD.  Just can´t make it to church cuz he is 80 yrs old and its far away on a bike.

I'm on a bike

Puppy of a family in our branch, so awesome

Family home evening with flia varela! They are so awesome I love them.  I tried to have this really gross cheesy pizza as a tongue and I just realized I look stupid in that picture haha

Service project in members backyard!!! Their dog is soo sweet and makes me miss duke and dodger

awesome barn in a park by our house. dont know why but reminds me of walking dead :O

My name is Elder Maynard and Im LDS


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