Monday, August 17, 2015

Rain For Days

Hola mis queridos!

This week was insane.  Just complete rain, rain, rain.  I couldn´t tell the difference between riding a bike and swimming in the Atlantic Ocean.  It was cold.  But it´s all worth it! haha  Other than being drenched all week we did have some good moments.  We did servicio for the Familia Falkenberg.  We got to chop down some small trees in their back yard.  It felt good to be swinging an axe around. haha We do a lot of the same things every day and it´s nice to do something different, especially in the service of others!  Not to mention the Falkenberg´s cooked us a big old lunch.  Tons of chicken asado and slow roasted sausages.  Argentines know how to cook their meat! Wow, so good.  Right now we are having trouble finding investigators.  We only have about three continuous people that we are teaching.  There are a lot of people who already have `their religion` and don`t want to change.  It`s hard to get into houses.  But our solid investigators Jessica and Sebastian are doing awesome.  Sebastian is such a good guy and he wants to change.  He is working to stop smoking and drinking.  He has cut down on smoking a lot.  I`m proud of the guy.  We taught them the Plan of Salvation this week.  They loved the idea of eternal families.  Jessica said it is the most beautiful part!  Yes it is:)  I love my family!  On the way out the door they gave us a big bag of random groceries.  Cookies, pasta, soup, and a bag of sugar.  Alright! We`ll take it! They are great people.  Progressing!  They have a wedding date for the 11th de September!  It`s going to be awesome.  Also this week we had Stake Conference.  Elder Viñes de los Setenta came and spoke to us.  I love how he said that the Missionaries are gathering the Lost Tribes of Israel.  We are preparing the way for the Lord.  Hoorah for Israel!  It got me spiritually pumped up!  At the conference we sang `We Thank Thee Oh God for a Prophet` and it was so powerful.  Chills just shot down my back.  My testimony of a living prophet has grown so much on the mission.  I know Thomas S. Monson is a prophet of God, and the President of the Church on the earth today!  I`m glad that God speaks through prophets to lead us and guide us.  Through their teachings we can avoid the dangers and wickedness of the world.  I`m so excited for general conference here in a few months!  Well everyone, LOVE YOU ALL.  The church is true.  Push on in the faith.  Read and Pray every day.  Repent and progress.  And we will be safe in the hands of our Savior.  Have a great week!

Un abrazo muy fuerte,

Elder Maynard
I found my argentine baseball team! haha how cool aye? and a photo of this morning! Flags are set up all around town and every shop is closed because of a holiday! haha

 The only beautiful day this week hahaha

One of our investigators gave us groceries. I was happy so took a picture

Me in pouring rain with tiger dog!!

Got some actions shots on the bike for you guys hahaha :)

We went and visited Rodolfo and taught him Restauraciòn.  He is preparing to receive priesthood! WHOOOO

Celebrated a milestone this week.  This torta was filled with dulce de leche"!!!!! I cannot describe how delicious.

More party time.  Disfrutè mi torta muchìsimo:)

You know what it is!  So sweet! Vamos Santa Fe!

Service project this week!  so fun!

The Lord blessed us with a beautiful sunday morning. 
 Bus ride to stake conference!!!

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