Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Just keep working, just keep working

Hola Queridos!
The weeks just start piling up and they keep on coming faster and faster!  We work so much and all the days just seem like one.  We are still in the search to find new people that the Lord has prepared! It is tough, but we aren`t going to give up.  This week we did a service project for our investigator Jose Godoy! We scrubbed down the whole outside of his house so that we can paint it this week.  Climbing up and down questionable argentine latters, and sweeping dirt off the roof.  We wore working suits like mechanics, and flimsy plastic bags to protect our shoes.  Of course my feet didnt fit in the shoe protector so my feet looked like elves.  People think we are weird enough, not to mention they see a tall, skinny, yankee, elf sweeping dirt from a rooftop. haha It was a really fun, unique service project.  I`ll send pictures next week!  I hope that this will help Jose see that we care for him and are here to help him.  We need to get this guy baptized! haha Our other investigators Jessica and Sebastian are starting to have some struggles.  Jessica thinks it is unfair that women cant have priesthood, and Sebastian didn`t come to church because he was tired.  Satan always works hard on people when they start to make good decisions in their life.  We always have to hold firm to the iron rod!  They´re great people who still have faith, and their testimonies are growing slowly but surely.  Hay esperanza en Esperanza!  
We keep working and know blessings will come!  The lord gives us trials and afflictions so that we will humble ourselves and remember Him!  We are nothing, but when we follow Christ, we can become something.  Entonces Be a disciple of Christ! The is no greater work in the world than that of a missionary, and I love being a missionary.  The church is true!  Continue in the faith!  Love you all! have a great week.
Elder Maynard

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