Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Wow My Birthdays Tomorrow, I feel Old

Como andan queridos?!!

This week was different!! It was good because I was starting to feel like I was in the movie Groundhog Day haha.  This week I spent 3 days in the city of Santa Fe for divisiones.  It was fun being in the city.  There are crazy taxi drivers and all you here is them honking their horns.  No patience or mercy with driving in the city.  I went on divisions with my zone leader Elder Johnson. The kid is so funny, I was just dying laughing the whole time.  I showed him a picture of my family and he wants to take Brittney on a date. Uh oh, watch out Britt.  It was fun working in Santa Fe.  There is a lot more poverty and a Little dangerous in this área because of it.  I learned a lot from Elder Johnson.  The Mission lacks priesthood holders.  We need to have quality conversions here.  The misión exploded a few years ago with lots of baptisms, but the problema is that they are all less actives now.  Santa Fe needs more people to lead the área so that they can have progression.  I´m going to focus more in this.  After divisiones Elder Clayton and I visited a less active in the hospital in Santa fe.  I just feel bad for people here.  It was like a really old dirty high school with flies everywhere! Nasty.  They made us wear face masks and vests to go and visit the less active sister.  She has been less active for years, but is starting to rely more on god because she is in bad condition.  I can’t remember which Scripture but in Helaman it says that the Lord gives us afflictions and trials in this life so that we will remember Him.  And He can help us through all trials!  Our investigators are in a slump right now.  Jessica and Sebastian have tons of questions but they haven’t been praying for answers.  You have to pray people!  We had a special conference this week at our stake center where we had a broadcast from Elder Hales and Elder Cook.  Words of prophets are powerful.  The main theme was missionary work!  The greatest work in the world! And the Lord is calling for more troops!  One of our investigators named Nicholas came.  He is a stud! He is 22 and just wants to follow Christ.  He is very strong in another church but I´m glad he got to hear the words of Christ´s Apostles. 

The church is true everyone! I’ll say it every week haha I know Christ lives and that he can raise us up when we fall. He is always with us.

Thanks you all for the birthday wishes! Party on! And thank you grandmas and grandpas for the letters! I love them! Have an amazing week.  Love you all.

un abrazo fuerte,

Elder Maynard




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