Monday, September 21, 2015

Primavera Primavera Primavera

Hola queridos!!!

It is spring time here and I`m excited.  The weather is just perfect right now, and I`m enjoying it.  The mission is awesome.  Our investigators are progressing slowly, but its just rewarding helping them know the gospel of Jesus Christ.  I tell myself we are just planting seeds like crazy.  Hopefully one day they will grow into great big trees hahaha Cheesy analogy.  On Friday we were having a rough day.  The streets were empty because of the siesta and we were just having no success.  I get really excited in these moments because I know miracles come after the trial of faith haha So I was eating up the rejection and counted 14 people in a row that just told us no.  We were riding our bikes around and we saw a woman sweeping her doorstep.  We stopped, I finished sweeping her doorstep for her while she brought out chairs so we could sit down.  We taught her the Restoration of the gospel of Jesus Christ.  The spirit was awesome.  I know the church is true! Long story short we committed her to be baptized and we are going to visit her this week.  Moral of the story, God gives us trials in life.  There are times when it is hard and we all want to quit, but we have to keep pushing forward with faith, and that is when the blessings come.  Miracles don´t happen until after the trial of faith.  Sometimes we have to walk blind, but our savior is leading us and guiding us and even walking beside us.  I love my savior and am grateful that he died for me.  I will follow him til the end.  I love you all and hope that you all have better weeks. 

Les Quiero,

Elder Maynard
Cupcakes with dulce de leche make me happy:)

The bike shop we are always in because of our crappy yet awesome bikes

I thought dad would be proud of me because i put mayonaise all over my food.  hahahaha the mayonaise is better here and argentines love it.

Selfie with Elder Clayton at NDH at the church

We built temples for NDH y we ate cake after!!!!

Stud little kid lucio.  believe it or not he is crazier than luke haha

And we made homemade bread.  slap a lil dulce de leche on there and its a good time

Best alfahor ive had yet! cant describe the deliciousness.

I made PB toast which made me miss my mama:)


Happy birthday to me!!! IT IS SO AWESOME. I love my jumprope haha thanks everyone! LOVE YOU ALL.  now maybe I can become quick on my mish again, and the cosmic brownies have been heaven.  nothing is soft and moist like them here haha THANK YOU


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