Monday, October 12, 2015


Hola todos!

It´s my little bro`s birthday!! Whooooo!  Hope you have a great day Jackson and that you are happy! haha Miss you bud!  I bought a bag of pepas and an alfahor to celebrate but I know you guys are going to celebrate much better than that haha.  This week was really good.  We had a zone conference on Tuesday and the whole mission is having trouble finding new investigators so we focused on that.  References are the best way to find nuevos but it is really hard to get references from members.  So all you baptized people out there.... give references to the missionaries! haha We talked about a scripture in D&C 61: 3.  I love it.  I´m not sure how it goes in English but something like ¨Don´t allow people to remain in the incredulidad` sorry I used a Spanish word anyway haha  But I love it.  We´re not going to let other people remain in the darkness while we walk in the light.  We are going to bring them with us!  Missionary work baby!  Also this week we had some progress with investigators.  Nicholas is continuing reading y praying.  He says he is searching for the truth.  You´ll find it my man if you keep doing what you´re doing!  We had a great lesson with Jessica.  She says she lacks faith.  Oh ye lackers of faith... why? haha She is a great person and has faith, but doesn´t know it.  An interesting situation.  But we bore our testimonies that God loves her, and her faith will grow as she keeps exercising it.  We invited her to read Alma 32, and I invite all of you to read it too!  It is awesome!!!  Also our main man Jose Godoy went y found out some information on how to get divorced!!! He is starting the process a little bit.  Awesome!  He knows the church is true, but his divorce is holding him back from being baptized.  Maybe he´ll be baptized here in a few months.  My comp and I were way happy.  And of course this week CONFERENCE!! WHOOO!  I´ve never enjoyed conference as much as I enjoyed conference this weekend.  Wow it was incredible.  I loved Elder Holland´s talk on Saturday about mothers.  It made me want to give my mom a big old hug! (Call to brothers and sisters to give my mama a big old bear hug for me)  haha Love you mom!!!  Also Pres Uchtdorf´s talk in Priesthood session was incredible.  We have to be bold and valiant as Daniel of Old.  Defenders of the faith!  Wow I can´t describe how pumped up I was, amazing.  I hope you all enjoyed conference as much as I did!  I know the church is true and God speaks to us through his living prophets!  I love you all and hope you have a great week!  Jackson, party on my bro,  HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! Love you stud.

Un Abrazo,

Elder Maynard


 Ya know, just enjoying a fabulous post church sunday brunch!!!  

Biking is life!! hahah and we toured a huge park in Esperanza last PDAY, more pics coming!!!

 more park

 more park

 parky warky

I dont have time for all pics but these are my two favorite

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