Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Esperanza Round 4


Well, guess what? I´m staying in Esperanza!!! WHoooo!! And I am still with Elder Clayton.  Maybe I´ll spend my whole mission here huh?  But that’s all good because I LOVE ESPERANZA!!!!  This past week was really good.  We have a new investigator named David, and he wants to be baptized!!!  I don’t have any problems with that.  His baptism date is Nov. 6th, so we will see if he makes it.  He knows a lot about the gospel and he has already read the whole Book of Mormon.  Pretty cool right?  He just came out of nowhere, one day just showed up to church with his wife that is a less active member.  Interesting how the Lord prepares people.  We have been searching for new investigators for 3 months and then one shows up at church one day.  Tender mercies from the Lord! 

Also this week we had a baptism in Esperanza again!  The wife of our Ward mission leader finally decided to get baptized.  Esperanza is growing slowly but surely!  We had two investigators assist the baptism.  David and another named Marcela so that’s awesome!!!  Marcela is another Investigator that wants to get baptized, but she is juntada.  Living with a guy but she’s not married, but we are working with her!  So yes, there is hope in Esperanza.  I am excited to be here for another six weeks.  I have seen this area grow so much and I love it.  We are beginning to see the fruits of our labors, so that is always rewarding!  But we have to keep on working anyway and having trust in the Lord. 

I heard a quote a week or so ago that really touched me.  ¨Joseph Smith never saw the rebuilding of Zion.¨ Joseph Smith is a perfect example of trusting in the Lord.  He gave his life for the gospel and never saw the full extent of his work.  I´ll admit I was down a little bit because we haven´t been having much success, but when I heard this I got excited.  If Joseph Smith can give his life for the work and not reap the benefits, then I can plant seeds all day in Esperanza.  I love being a missionary. It is awesome!!  Keep moving forward in the faith.  Have an eternal perspective like Brother Joseph and everything will be alright! The Lord is by our side!  Have a great week everyone!  Love you all!


Elder Maynard

 pics from awhile back in the park

 sight seing a few p days back
 bike selfie!!!

 and argentine skies are the best!!

 We contacted some dudes in the street and they gave us a huge catfish and 4 smaller fish!!! How sweet is that!!!!
 y in the house of a MA my homie manual
 How I celebrated Amanda's birthday!! WHoooo!!!
Y me and y homie bruno once again.  Love this kid. like my lil bro hahaha We were at church for the baptism of one of las hermanas de esperanza´s investigators.
 Another selfie with the little bros of esperanza hahaha

 and everyone laughs at this guy running for senador so I had to take a pic.  BINNER
 The plaza is just awesome, cant make this stuff up.

and when we cooked our fish! it was delish
I made a reeses alfahor sandwich and I was happy so I took a picture:)

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