Monday, October 12, 2015


Còmo están queridos?

Well everyone, this could be my last week in Esperanza. Ahhhh it’s crazy. I´ll be writing you all next Tuesday with the big news.  dun dun dun.  Pero Bueno, this week was really good.  There are sister Missionaries in Esperanza too, they work in the north and we work in the south.  But they had a baptism this week!  Whoooo!!  There is Hope in Esperanza!  Some really good things came out of it. 1. Elder Clayton and I got to be the witnesses for the Baptism.  Really neat experience, there is a first time for everything right?  2.  Our Investigator Nicholas came!!! WHoooo!!!  Preach My Gospel says that if a person first sees a baptism they are more likely to be baptized themselves.  Let´s go! We also watched the Restoration Video while we waited for the people to change out of baptism clothes.  Nicholas said he liked it a lot.  YES!  He says he feels like Joseph Smith looking for an answer.  Well my man, I´ll tell you what, THIS is your answer. haha Sometimes it´s hard to respect the agency of people as a missionary but we get through it.  All in all a great Saturday of Baptism. 

But the work continues in Esperanza!  We continue to work hard.  It is hard to find people to teach, but the Lord is always preparing people.  We are trying to find the chosen ones.  Los Escogidos!!  I feel like we have taught the Plan of Salvation a lot this week and I just want to share my gratitude for the Lord´s plan for us.  How great is the mercy of our God?  He has prepared a way for us to return to Him and live with our families forever in Eternal Happiness.  And it is all made possible through our Savious Jesus Christ.  I´m so grateful for the Plan of Salvation, that it gives me direction and hope.  I´m so grateful for my Savior.  He picks me up when I am down.  He walks beside us in this life and He wants us to be happy and enjoy it.  I am so grateful and honored to be a missionary and that I can carry the name of Jesus Christ on my chest every day for these two years.  I´m grateful for this Restored Gospel, and it is so true.

Also Happy Birthday to my Beautiful little sister Amanda!!!!  I hope you have a great week :)  I can´t believe you are 17.  Blows My mind and makes me feel old hahaha Also happy late Birthday to my sweet little cousin Hadley and My wonderful loving Grandma Maynard:)  Love you all tons!!  Have a great week.

Un abrazo fuerte,

Elder Maynard

 oh man, dogs in argentina are crazy hahaha this one is asleep in the bus station like this all the time

 facturas in santa fe!!! Gotta love it baby! and something to make you all jealous :)

 I have a thing for argentine ice cream.  dulce de leche changes things... and birthday bag I got from pres y hermana perez full of alfahores.  Birthday party continues!

 Like i said, i like argentine ice cream hahaa and my beautiful plaza in esperanza!!!

 the bros kickin back watching general conference.  I sat down on a bus and my pants pocket caught the arm rest and ripped it up. cmoooon hahaha but looks like ill be improving my sewing skills:)

 TORO. and I found a donut so I bought it hahaha

 My first time playing soccer on pday. I almost scored a goal but didn't... dang.  and the family home evening I had on jack jacks birthday. this is the party you could say. haha happy birthday Jackson!!!

 BEST MISSION IN THE WORLD!!! and anyone want some mate? hahaha
 Dulce tentacion. best panaderia in town.  Name just chills you to the bone with happiness.
Awesome member hermano jordan hahaha

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