Monday, April 11, 2016

The Sun Will Come Out Tomorrow

Hey everyone!
It`s been a dark week.  I haven`t felt sunshine in 11 days.  Only cold sprinkles of rain or cold beating rain.  No one ever told me that Argentina would be like Seattle or the Atlantic Ocean.  This week it has felt like it.  The only cool thing is to see the complete amazement on people`s faces when we knock on the door.  ``The rain doesn`t even stop you guys?`` ``Wow, you guys keep going in the rain?``  Yes, people!!  Because what we share is the truth!  Now repent, and be baptized.
Along with the rain, this week was a rollercoaster.  Francisco didn`t get baptized. For three days we couldn`t find the guy.  He is normally always in his humble home, but it seems like the rain sent him to the house of his friend.  Anyway, eventually we did find him and everything was looking good for his baptism.  But.. Instead of coming to his baptism at 7:00 PM, he came at 7:00 AM.  Oh no!  Poor guy is just pure of heart and innocent haha Anyway, we went to look for him at about 7:30 PM and he had returned to the house of his friend.  But his friend was drunk and kicked us out of his house and wouldn´t let us talk to Francisco.  It was a weird situation, just a mess.  Lots of people showed up for the baptism and made cakes and treats.  My heart just sunk.  Elder Gonzalez and I just felt helpless.  We did everything we could do.  Anyway the baptism turned into a huge family night watching Mormon Messages haha Francisco showed up at church the next day and told us that his friend is crazy.  Francisco still wants to be baptized so we have moved it to this Saturday.  Everything is all good.  Just a bit stressing and lots of new, interesting experiences.  The mission is awesome.  It always throws you a curve ball.  We`ll be swinging for the fences next week. 
The gospel is joy.  Life is hard.  It is hard for everybody, No one can avoid the trials and afflictions of Life.  Only the gospel can allow us to have joy in the midst of our afflictions.  Sufrimos con gozo.  I am not going to lie, it was a week of trials I have never faced before, but I am happy.  Christ walks shoulder to shoulder with us in our difficult times.  He always walks at our side but especially in the moments of trials.  Our Father in Heaven wants us to be happy so He sent His Beloved Son, and through Him, we can find happiness even in the dark times.  I know that Christ lives.  The Spirit of God has made this known unto me and I cannot deny it.  Have a great week everyone! Be happy, we have ourselves a baptism next week! Vamos Israel!

Con mucho amor,
Elder David Maynard

 This guy is Elder Meyers. He gave me goldfish and we made Pepa milkshakes

 11 month alfahor!

 Lesson with the boy Francisco!

 Cleaning the baptismal font! haha 
 We bought cake because Francisco didn't get baptized haha

 Coconut ducle de leche ake is almost as sweet as a baptism....

 Pics on empty sunday streets haha

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