Monday, April 25, 2016

La Vida Loca

Hola Todos!
This week was nuts.  But I am glad that I was able to have spiritual experiences in between. Here we go...
The week started off welcoming in all of the new missionaries for the Transfer.  I had a chance to practice my English:)  The new missionaries are awesome!  They always have so much excitement and faith.  That is why I loved being a trainer so much.  It is like a renewal of how I felt to begin my mission.  Anyway when President Perez spoke to them In the welcoming meeting I had to translate.  I think I may have said Spanish words without realizing it and that brought a few laughs and President told me I have to work on my English.  I am glad that they are telling me that instead of I have to work on my Spanish haha That was fun.
We had lots of meetings this week. In one meeting I felt the spirit so strong.  I was able to bare my testimony on what helps me to love the mission.  I shared that I love seeing the changes in people.  It just makes it all worth it when you see someone else happier, when you see someone else with hope and light in their eyes.  Whether it be an investigator, your companion, or other missionaries, it is just awesome.  
We have had little time to work this week but we contacted a really firm catholic lady.  She was blown away that we don´t get paid for what we do.  She was atheist but after trials in her youth she prayed and converted to Christianity.  While we continued to talk and bare testimony, she softened her heart and listened more and more and more.  I felt the spirit.  That is what counts.  I know she did too.  Successful contact for the week!
I love you all tons! I hope you have a great week, and you will all be in my prayers.
Elder Maynard

 A dog that ALWAYS follows us in the street
THE DISTRICT of Victoria 
 Lesson with an investigator on the right and member on the left

 The sun come up 
 We had a good lesson with Francisco
 The coolest perrito I have seen in the mission.

 Saying goodbye to Hermana Rosa
 Taking a selfie to end proselyting with elder Gonzalez
 OTTERS, these crazy members hunted down 7 of them.  
 I was going to eat them but I got transferred.
 Yes I washed my hands after touching this thing

 We made Flan and Chocolate for a mini goodbye party while cleaning the church

 The Dream Team in Victoria
 Ward mission leader
 The Dream Team in Victoria
 This is a tunnel that goes under the River Paraná.  Supposedly there are only two tunnels like this in the world.  

 My new comp Elder Pearson!

 I almost cried when this beauty was put in front of me. I hadn´t had a steak for 11 months... 11 months! It was so dang good
 THe crew having lunch to say Goodbye to missionaries returning home this Transfer
 He Aquí, Mi Gozo Es Completo

 Yeah we ordered 5 kilos of ice cream!

 i like the rain so I try to take pics but they don´t work out very well haha

 All the new missionaries!  More food!

 Elder De La Rosa trained elder Orgill on the left and now Orgill is training this brasilero. I am a great grandpa!!! Whoooo!!!

 I was tired and had a headache so I needed a coke light haha

 This was my ward mission leader in Parque del sur
 A cool church house in the zone of Rafaela.  I´ve never been to this part of the mission before. It´s pretty sweet.

 THE RETURN TO ESPERANZA!!! I love this city so much, I kind of didn´t recognize it though haha We didn´t have time to stay for long so I didn´t see any friends or members, another day.

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