Monday, May 2, 2016

Minas de Oro

This week I had to pull out all of my sweaters and my coat.  The cold is coming.  No one sits outside anymore to drink mate.  It´s a lot easier to contact when people are drinking mate.  But that doesn´t matter.  The work moves on!
My comp and I have been trying our best to take advantage of opportunities to share the gospel. On the city buses we have been introducing ourselves and handing out pamphlets of the Plan of Salvation and the Restoration.  It´s a rush to put yourselves in front of lots of people who look at you like a deer in the headlights.  It´s a good rush.  Yesterday was a good day.  Everyone on the bus accepted a pamphlet, we didn´t have enough.  I watched all the people, and some people just put it aside, others flipped through a bit, and some kids were throwing them around.  But I saw one guy who read the whole thing.  The whole deal of the Restoration.  I went and sat by him to see how he liked it.  The first thing he said to me was ´´So what is the story of Joseph Smith?´´ Hmmm I like that question.  Let me answer it for you.  He ate it up and he wants missionaries to pass for his house.  Let´s go! I was too excited.  The Spirit can be in all places, even a loud, crazy city bus.
We have found a lot of potential in our area this week.  We came in contact with an Inactive member who wants to return to church. His wife, and 6 of his 9 children aren´t baptized.  Elder Bednar says that partial member families are gold mines.  I think we found ourselves a gold mine. We have a lesson with the family tonight, we will see how it goes.  My comp sometimes sniffles his nose and says that he smells baptisms haha I smell Baptisms cookin.
We have also come in contact with an old investigator named Maria.  We tried to teach her the restoration but she is kind of crazy and goes off topic.  Anyway she accepted a baptism date for 27 of May.  We shall see.
I know the church is true!  I want everyone to accept it, because it is the only way to have true happiness in this life and the life to come. I love my family a ton and I am excited for mother´s day next week! Whoooo!  Everyone keep moving forward with faith and we will see each other next week!

Elder Maynard

´´Believe in God and in yourself.  You are doing better than you think.´´ Elder Holland

 I tried to take a selfie with all the people doing tail gate parties for big soccer game

 Me and my comp doing grandma tanners scavenger hunt! :)

Me and the comp getting a milanesa sandwich in

baptism interview training we had
church building in La PAz

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