Monday, May 16, 2016

Un Año Màs

Hey Everyone!
Wow... I can`t believe it has been one year.  One of the best year`s of my life.  It has gone by so quick.  I am so grateful for all of the experiences that I have had.  I am grateful for the MTC... fastest 6 Weeks of my life.  I am grateful for Elder Fillerup who showed me how to love Argentina.  I am grateful for Esperanza where I left Half of my heart behind. I am grateful for Elder Clayton, one of my best friends and who helped me learn a lot about myself.  I am grateful for Rodolfo who showed me what Faith is.  I am grateful for Parque del Sur where I learned how to be a leader.  I love Jonathan who helped me believe in Miracles.  I am grateful for my first Hijo Elder De La Rosa who trained me in the language of Spanish.  I am Grateful for Leonardo, the guy is a stud.  I am grateful for Elder Clement, the guy and I had too much fun.  I am grateful for Francisco who taught me how to persevere in Trials haha (BTW he got baptized last week)  I am grateful for mi amigo mexicano Elder Gonzalez, we went through the Gauntlet together in Victoria.  I am grateful for My family.  It is impossible to tell them How much I love them so I will keep it short, I love you guys. This year was just amazing.  I can`t wait for what the next year brings.  I love Argentina.
This week we continued contacting and looking for Investigators.  In the area we haven`t been able to teach the same person more than once.  We have had lots of awesome lessons but then we can`t find the person again.  The chosen people will come, we just gotta keep going and the Lord will provide the way like he always does!  
This week went by really quick.  I traveled to an area a little far away to help some Elders out who were moving pensions.  I had lunch with President Perez.  I burned a shirt for my one year mark haha I knocked on lots of doors.  I ate lots of food.  I just feel like my mind goes one hundred miles an hour.  We are always doing something.  It is awesome.  It makes me feel like home a bit.  Something is always going on. haha My mind is just blown that it has been one year.  Absolutely amazing.
I love you all.  I have come closer to my Savior more than ever this past year.  I know He lives.  Our Job is to invite all to come unto Christ.  He loves us so much that He doesn`t force us to do it.  He just stretches out His arms of Mercy and Love and hopes we come.  I testify that there is nothing better than going to Him.  You can feel His warmth and His love over and over Again.  I am grateful that I can wear His name.  I am grateful that I can Testify of Him.  I am grateful that I can follow Him by my own free will.  I am grateful that I can be sanctified through Him.  I love Him.  He Lives.  
I love you all and I am so excited to talk to my beautiful mom and the rest of my family tomorrow! I will see you all soon.  Whether it be tomorrow or next year.  The best Two years have now become one.  Let`s live it up. Vamos Israel!

Con Demasiado Amor,
Elder Maynard

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