Tuesday, November 29, 2016

December Is Coming =O

Hola Querido,

I love when I lay down in bed at night, and I am just exhausted.  My feet are a little sore, and my body is just a rock.  It is a satisfying feeling that you worked hard that day.  Well... that is just about how we feel every day.  It is a good time.  I wouldn´t have it any other way.  
We are all pretty excited here in the mission for Christmas.  Elder Llanos and I bought some Christmas lights for the apartment and it is looking NICE.  Christmas music is already starting up.  Every day we offer to sing Christmas carols to contacts in the street.  Some of them give us funny looks, but most of them accept.  Maybe by the end of December I will be a good singer.  It is pretty fun.  Just by singing to people we have found several nice families.  We have invited all of them to see the church´s new Christmas video. (Check it out: https://www.mormon.org/christmas/light-the-world?play=hero)  Everyday we are trying to do things to Light the World.  We saw an older man shoveling around a pretty good sized tree this week.  We ended up cutting down the whole thing for him.  It was awesome.  He now sees us in the street all of the time and he now wants to give us lunch.  I will cut down a tree any day for some lunch.  So if anyone needs a tree to be cut down, you can call me in about 6 months.  
We are working to get some more investigators progressing towards baptism.  We have one really awesome lady named Liliana.  She has been a work in progress.  We have done several service projects for her and she has made us a few asados. (Barbecues)  We were able to teach her the Gospel of Jesus Christ this week.  Faith, Repentance, Baptism, The Gift of the Holy Ghost, and Enduring to the end.  She told us,  ´´I will get baptized, but not right now.´´  So we said, ´´Ok, how does the 24th of December sound?´´  And she said, ´´Dale´´ (Alright) hahaha  It was so funny and great.  She sends us text messages all of the time just to see how we are doing.  She is a super kind lady.  
Fun things that happened this week:  We ate turkey and mashed potatoes for thanksgiving.  There was a huge thunderstorm that got us soaking wet and cut out the power.  Elder Llanos made 2 kilos of Rice.  I gave an elder in the district a haircut just because a Sister in the ward said that I know how to cut hair when in reality I do not haha (It turned out ok), Alejo passed his interview with the Bishop and will be ordained a Deacon this following week, and we bought a big can of nesquick to make chocolate milk. :)
The mission is awesome!!!  I love you all tons!!! Have a great week and enjoy the start of December!! La Navidad viene ya =D

Con Amor,

Elder Maynard

TORMENTA!!! WE got soaked, it was great

The new costanera crew
This is what happens when you have a peruvian comp.  3 pots of RIce.  He is crazy hahaha

 PDAY with Elder Llanos


 Donut filled with dulce de leche.  Argentina meets america and it is beautiful

TURKEY DAY!!!  We bought the turkey!!!! 


 Hermana Chiapello never lets me wash her plate, but I made a deal with her.  She always wanted to fiz my torn pants,  so I made the deal that she can fix my pants if I can wash her plate hahaha


Elder Llanos caught a toad

Light the World

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