Thursday, December 8, 2016

Feliz Cumpleaños Mama


First and foremost, everyone give a huge hug to my sweet mother!!  Happy Birthday Mom!!  If someone wants to buy her Peanut Butter M&M´s and say that they are from me that would be really awesome haha My mom is the best.  I really like a quote that I have heard a few times in the mission,  ´´Be the missionary that your mother thinks you are.´´  My mom has always been super supportive of me and she has always pushed me to be a good person.  I am so grateful for her!  One of the huge motivators for me in the mission is to make my mom and my whole family proud.  I love you so much mom!  Happy Birthday!
We had a really crazy week.  Really really busy.  We have traveled all over the mission.  Amongst all of the craziness, I always find a good break though my personal study.  The mission has taught me a lot about the worth of scripture study.  I just want to say that I am grateful for the Book of Mormon and the special spirit that it brings into my life.  The mission has also helped me to recognize that life is made of special moments.  I had lots of small special moments this week while reading the Book of Mormon.  
December has been a special month so far.  I have been really excited.  Excitement is the best thing that you can have in the mission.  If you have excitement, then you can tackle on anything.  We have been working hard and sharing the Church´s Christmas Campaign with everyone.  Everyone softens their heart a little bit to hear about Christmas.  Yesterday while working, I felt really good.  I felt the help of God and the Spirit as we went about talking to literally everyone in our path.  We just testified of Christ all afternoon.  The Christmas Spirit has been strong and it is only going to get stronger. 
Lots of our investigators are having problems with smoking.  We have been doing lots of things to help them out.  We have made plans and goals to stop smoking and we have been having lots of contact with them.  President Pérez said that December is the month of Miracles.  I really believe that we can have a miracle and that one of our investigators can overcome their addiction and be baptized this month.  I really do believe it.  We need a miracle.  We just have to do all that we can possibly do, and God will do the rest.  
Happy Birthday Mom!!  Til next week everyone! I love you all!

Elder Maynard

 Selfies From hernandarias yesterday

 Divisiones with Rafaela

Divisiones Rafaela 
Divisiones La Paz 
 Ilumina el Mundo

 Dinner With President
 Road Trip

New Church building in Hernandarias, yeah we slept the night there

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