Monday, February 27, 2017

Life is Good

¿Còmo andamos?
Wow, every week I think ``What a week.``  I also think, ``The week went by fast.``  It is incredible.  This week was probably the hottest week of the year so far.  Living in Utah, no one knows what humidity is.  Santa Fe has taught me what it is very well.  Sometimes it is so hot that it seems like the only people in the street are us.  I love the look on the people`s face when we knock on their door.  People always say ``not even the heat stops you guys.``  or more frequently ``Not even the rain stops you.``  Nothing stops us because we have the truth, and the truth must go forth!
We have several awesome investigators, but the one that progressed the most this week is a man named Miguel.  He has now come to church two weeks in a row!!  We had an awesome lesson teaching him the restoration.  The spirit was really strong.  There is nothing better than teaching the restoration.  He accepted a baptism date for the 25th of March. (Go Dad!)  Miguel understood well that he has to receive an answer for himself.  We are focusing a lot on helping people receive their own answers.  In contacts, lessons, everything.  Nothing happens unless we know for ourselves that these things our true.  We have to be truly converted!  I love the definition of conversion that the church has. Conversion: ``Changing one’s beliefs, heart, and life to accept and conform to the will of God. Conversion includes a conscious decision to give up one’s former ways and change to become a disciple of Christ. Repentance, baptism for the remission of sins, the reception of the Holy Ghost by the laying on of hands, and continued faith in the Lord Jesus Christ make conversion complete. A natural man will be changed into a new person who is sanctified and pure, born again in Christ Jesus.``  We will continue helping Miguel on his road to conversion.
I love when cool things happen that aren`t planned. 2 of them happened this week.  
1.  We contacted a man, and he told us that a member of the church lives next door.  We didn`t recognize the name so we went to meet the member.  It turns out that it is a member that we know well, the neighbor just had the name wrong.  The member that we visited is actually the secretary of the stake.  But he told us that he was having a hard week.  He lives alone and he was feeling lonely this week.  He has been praying for some comfort from God.  The same day that he prayed for comfort, we showed up.  The spirit was super strong during our visit.  It was just a testimony to me that we really are servants in the Lord`s hands.  He uses us to answer peoples` prayers and most of the time I do not even realize it.  
2.  An elderly lady was using a weed whacker to cut her grass.  She was super friendly, but wouldn`t let us help her.  So we talked for 5 minutes.  She still wouldn`t let us help her.  So we talked for 5 more minutes.  At last we convinced her to let us just try using the weed whacker.  To make a long story short, we used a bit of persuasion and ending up cutting her whole lawn.  It was super awesome.  I think that my favorite thing to do is do service projects.  It is a blast.  Well the woman was beyond grateful.  She ended up calling us ``a blessing from God.``  We now have plans to teach her and her granddaughters this week. 
Life s good!  I hope you all are well and that you have a great week!  

Elder Maynard
Misiòn Argentina Santa Fe
 DyC 128: 22 Hermanos, ¿no hemos de seguir adelante en una causa tan grande? Avanzad, en vez de retroceder. ¡Valor, hermanos; e id adelante, adelante a la victoria! ¡Regocíjense vuestros corazones y llenaos de alegría! ¡Prorrumpa la tierra en canto¡

 Alfajors and Coke with the boy Elder Gomez

We made grape juice

There are lotteries like this all around santa fe, it makes me laugh

Every time that I eat eggs, I think of Dad and that he is going to be on cloud nine when I am at home whipping up some fried eggs or an omelette.  

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