Tuesday, March 8, 2016

10 Months!

Hey Everyone!
We have reached double digits with the months!! Wow time flies by.  I ate a delicious alfahor to celebrate.  One of the glorious treasures of Argentina.  I love Argentina I can`t even tell you.
Yesterday we were contacting and there was absolutely nobody in the streets.  Normally everyone is sitting outside on a Sunday afternoon sipping mate, but it was dead.  We found out that River and Boca where playing so that explains everything. Biggest soccer teams from Buenos Aires.  I don`t know who won, but Vamos BOCA! For all my soccer fanatic cousins out there I have grown to like soccer on the mission.  I want to play a few pickup games when I get back. I am getting a little better, little by little, but I am still terrible.  I will stick with basketball.
We have been in the street contacting all week.  I don`t know if it`s the water here or something but the people are rough.  haha It`s been hard to even get people to listen to us.  But I like a challenge, so we are going to see if we can take Victoria by the horns and put someone in the waters of baptism.  I read about the Army of Helaman this week. I love their example.  That just had total faith in God and went out to battle.  As a missionary you just got to go out there and fight.  It`s a battle of souls.
We had a little success this week. We received a reference and went to visit a lady named Natali.  We talked to her on her doorstep for a long time.  She is a young mother, in her early twenties and she has been smoking for over 10 years.  She wants to stop smoking and join a church to have a better life for her daughter.  Well Natali, there isn`t any other better church than this one.  It was way cool to hear her life story and her desire to change.  She said that she liked talking to us and it helped her feel better.  She says she feels like we have been the only people to listen to her and to understand her.  Little moments like these make the mission all worth it. Just to listen and to help someone out.  The gospel would bless her life so much :) We are going to keep working with her.
Enjoy the week everyone! I love you all!

Un abrazo,
Elder Maynard

 We went a little sight seeing
 Green hills filled with horses.... Argentina baby

 La costanera.  THe shore of the river that looks like a sea

  The river has been really high all year.  There have been huge floods in Santa Fe in the past and people are scared that it will happen again, but I thought it was funny that it says Beach and there is just water 

 Visiting a branch called NOgoya.
 Late night Pizza!!!
 Elder de la Rosa? With Christmas Presents?

Thats right baby, christmas presents of facturas

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