Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Ojala que Fuera Primavera

Cómo Estamos?
Autumn has fallen here in Argentina and I am already cold. I feel like there are only extremes here.  You are uncontrollably sweating or packing on layers to fight the bone chilling wind.  Argentina is awesome.
The work will begin and the Lord will prepare the way.  Well, the work continues.  Our good friend Fransisco is still on the right track.  I love teaching him.  He is capable of talking the ear off of a psychologist. The first 15 minutes is always just trying to reel him into focus. haha But during the lesson, there are moments when he freezes.  He sits there speechless in deep deep thought.  That is when I know that he is feeling the Spirit.  The Spirit is the teacher and can calm anything. D&C 88:122 Appoint unto yourselves a teacher.  That teacher better be the Spirit.  If things keep going like they are now Fransisco should go the distance.
I have been reading 3 Nephi lately.  Awesome right?  This week 3 Nephi 20:8-9 really hit me.  Whenever I take the sacrament am I filled with the Spirit? If I am not, then why? Every time that we take the sacrament we should be filled with the Spirit.  Yesterday, I pulled out my scriptures during sacrament meeting and just kept reading these 2 verses over and over.  When I took the Sacrament, I was filled.  It was so amazing.  I sat there in the most comforting, soft, quiet, sweet peace that I have ever felt in my life.  I could’ve stayed in that moment forever.  My mind was clear, and my body was motionless.  I have learned so much on my mission.  I am glad that it has brought me to have awesome experiences like this.
We have been working hard and the Lord has been blessing us.  We have been blessed with lots of work and some people are beginning to open up to us and the message of the gospel.  I am excited for the near future.
I love you all:) the church is true! And Happy Birthday to my Dad this Friday! The 2nd best looking man on the planet;)  Everyone give him a big hug for me! I love him tons.

Con cariño,
Elder Maynard

 We back at it with the ice cream and the good views

 Trying to get those sweets in and gain some poundage

 Dulce de leche cake and the streets with the Comp!

 A less active family gave us a bunch of goodies

Sunday morning banana PB pancakes 
 The boys are back teaching the class and we here with the boy Fransisco!

 The streets are awesome
 Elder Maynard´s omelette, we build men out here in the mission

 Doing some tourism here in victoria, hill of the killing its called.  Cerro de la matanza

 Man from snowy river...... Horse tamer
Its my horse now 

 View of Victoria from a distance

 Entre Rios Argentina

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